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Building Blocks for an Effective Benefit Plan

Building Blocks Presentation to One Sotheby's International !099 Contracted ed Associates

Frank Booher

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Building Blocks for an Effective Benefit Plan

Benefit Plan Building blocks Reserve Fund
Eliminate debt first
3 months income
$1,000 minimum Health Insurance
Update on new law
-No prexisting conditions-2014
-Higher premiums
-Preventive coverage
Must control our costs with consumer driven plan
High deductible
HSA- Health Saving Accounts
- High Deductible Plan
$1200 Individual
$2400 family by IRS
- Savings Account
Contributions for 2010
$3,050 Indivual
$6,150 family
- Triple Tax Savings
- No use it or lose it Life Insurance-10-15 X earnings
Term Insurance
-Tax free income
-Tax free growth

Retirment Funds
401 K plans-contribute up to match
Roth IRA
Advantages- tax free growth
tax free income..easier
access to funds without
penalties Plan Be deliberate safety security avoid complacency be intentional trusted adviser Margin
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