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Copy of Happy Halloween

from the Prezi team

Robert Cross

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Happy Halloween

Or you might find that Dracula
Took your wife on a date. ...and greet the Zombie Emperor
Who'd like to pick your brain.
...not to disturb the Butcher
If his bloodbath's getting cold.
It's better to miss deadlines
Than to meet with the Undead. Then as you meet
the neighbor's kid
Who's knocking It's time to close your laptop now
And hurry home to bed When you get off the train The werewolf roams your neighborhood, Don't pop into the kitchen
Hoping to find something yummy... And if you find the bathroom locked,
Remember you've been told Happy Halloween from This prezi is reusable,
feel free to make a copy
for yourself! the at door, You'll see the kids are
by quite a
different Mummy. Wishing to fill his belly
...while Pumpkinhead is watching you,
His body's watching telly. ! It's best you keep your helmet on No need to stop for groceries,
You'd better not be late Don't be surprised if he observes
You're different than before. Prezi Team the OK
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