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Feminist Criticism

No description

Marisa Lytle

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Feminist Criticism

Sarah Oliphant
Austin Ng
Daya Singh
Marisa Lytle The Feminist Perspective History of Feminism Relationships to other Critical Schools Exploration of Feminism in Mulan Feminism in Hamlet Intro to Hamlet Act III Scene II How to do a Feminist Critique Symbolism of women's quest for marriage
Symbolism of women as water
Structures of patriarchal society and reasons for their continuation
Differences between men and women in literature
Questions Feminists are trying to answer Intended to be non-sexist, but they tend to employ "reverse sexism"
Celebrate women but in doing so they reanimate the binary opposition between sexes
Female feminist critics may overemphasize oppressive structures
Male feminist critics may be too passive in their analysis
Feminist Critics may oversimplify humanity, culture and the "semantics of biology" How You Can Go Wrong Bibliography Articles Questions? Gertrude Theme Effect of Women's Movement (Late 1900's)
Virginia Woolf
Elaine Showalter Types of Feminism 3 Branches
1: Stereotypes/ archetypes
2: Female Authors
3: Origin: Biological vs. Cultural
American vs. French
American: Society
French: Biology So what do you think? Our Analysis Books What Happens In Hamlet, J. Dover Wilson
Feminist Literary Criticism, Josephine Donovan
Feminist Theory, Wendy K. Kolmar, Frances Bartowski
Feminist Issues in Literary Scholarship, Shari Benstock
Images of Woman in Literature, David Holbrook
Women in the Age of Shakespeare, Theresa D. Kemp
Women, Literature Theory, Elaine Showalter Hearing Ophelia: Gender and Tragic Discourse in Hamlet, Sandra K. Fischer
Feminism and Feminist Criticism, Catherine R. Stimpson
Feminist Modes of Shakespearean Criticism: Compensatory, Justificatory, Transformational, Carol Thomas Neely
Feminism, Siep Stuurman
Hamlet's Femininity, De-yan Guo
Representing Ophelia: Women, Madness, and the Responsibilitiew of Feminist Criticism A Feminist Critique 1399: first feminist treatise by Christine de Pizan
Printing press is invented and education spreads along with feminism
In the 1600 feminism spreads to other countries besides Italy.
Enlightenment brings about more education thus more feminist research
Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia awarded doctrate in philosophy ( a first in Europe)
Feminism combines with Cartesianism
Soul and mind has no sex
More Women acquire degrees and teaching jobs Origin of Feminism Freudian - Men's and women's language
Historical - Change in women's representations in society
Archetypal - Classical stereotypes of women
Marxist - Society as a structure for women's oppression The subjugation of women
Comparison of men and women in the same work
Symbolism of women's actions and desires
Classical archetypes of women Keep an eye out for: Comb symbolizes Mulan's gender role
Archetypes of men and women
Historical and Cultural influences of China
Extreme oppression emphasizes empowerment
Depth: Shallow-Middle-Deep Hamlet's Femininity and Sexuality
Ophelia's word choice and lack of expression
Any noticeable oppression
Player Queen's Actions and Gertrude's reactions Analysis Hamlet Ophelia Sassy Gay Friend Discussion Illumination of Ophelia's oppression and causes of her death
Sassy Gay friend lets Ophelia let out her emotions
Its what Ophelia doesn't say that defines her
Juxtaposition of her character with Hamlet
Sassy Gay friend compliments Ophelia Briefness of her lines
Feminine mirror of Hamlet
Passive - Bottles emotions
Hysterical episode in flower scene
Sinful through following patriarchal society
Trapped by societal norms
Shakespeare's reflection of societal norms Lack of grief for Old Hamlet
Emotions and love
Player queen's views of remarriage
Gertrude's emotions are different from the player queen but her actions reflect what she says Hysteria as a women's disease - overdramatises his actions
Uses the play instead of confrontation
Passive aggressive nature
Lack of action throughout the play
Oppresses Ophelia through interactions
Continues to reflect social norms Other Scenes to Use
In a Hamlet Feminist Critique Flower SceneAct IV Scene V
Ophelia's Funeral Act V Scene I
To Be or Not to Be Scene Act III Scene I
Keep in mind the role of marriage in the play + woman's quest for marriage Femininity in a patriarchal dominated society leads to mental instability and ultimate demise. Acceptance in Academia Some forms are unacceptable
Extremist viewpoint are bad
Many ways to do it
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