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The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

It's about what the title says

Cole Bragg

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon By: Cole Bragg
Martin Colucci The Hanging Gardens
of Babylon were built
around 600 BC. The Hanging Gardens were built for King Nebuchadnezzar's homesick maiden wife. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were located in
a desert, an irrigation system would be needed because of the little rainfall. The irrigation system's source of water would be from the Euphrates River. To do this, they had to use a chain pump system. (There is a video about the Hanging Gardens' irigation system) Here is a video about the Hanging Gardens... The structure's height is about 80'. The structure is made out of waterproof mud bricks. In the bricks were peices of lead. The lead in the brick made it waterproof. German archaeologist Robert Koldewey started excavating in search for the Hanging Gardens. For centuries, the ancient city of Babel had not even been discovered. Supposedly, the
gardens were an
amazing sight to see. The Hanging Gardens were destroyed by frequent earthquakes. It was soon buried by the process that makes every other structure buried. (so people say...) After a long time of excavating, Koldeway finally discovered a room to what he thought was the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Koldeway concluded that this room was the room containing the chain pump system. Many people argue that Koldeway hasn't discovered the Hanging Gardens because it is to far from the Euphrates river. Still to this day, people are not 100% sure if the Hanging Gardens of Babylon even existed.The reason being is that there isn't enough evidence to prove if it were real or not. For example, If the Hanging Gardens did exist, where are they now, is what most people. There was a report that there was an earthquake that destroyed the gardens, it is unsure that the earthquake did destroy the gardens or not. If the earthquake did happen, the remains are just a bunch of random mud bricks scattered around. Sited Resources:
Sited Videos:
http://www.unmuseum.org/hangg.htm (they are also on Youtube)
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