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French Revolution vs. American Revolution

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Drii Katch

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of French Revolution vs. American Revolution

French Revolution vs. American Revolution
Eventually, one of the most famous rulers Napoleon takes over several countries in Europe and attempts to take over Russia and England. Napoleon was very powerful and successful. The people liked him. After the Napoleonic wars, Napoleon fell and France eventually returned to the pre-revolutionary state.
The People were sick and tired of the way they were being treated so the rose to the occasion. The third estate claimed they were going to be Independent, they rose up took power creating the era of the "Great Fear". People burned castles and behaved very recklessly to create fear in the two estates. The kings head was cut off. Women marched to the king and queen demanding that they would move to Paris.
The French government was under Absolute Monarchy. There was no social contract between the people and its government. Social inequality was one of the biggest reasons for the Revolution. The Estate system, Clergy, Noble, and everyone else. The majority of the people happened to fall into the "everyone else" category. These people were poor and probably unemployed. Despite these facts they had to pay more taxes then the rich. As a result, creating another reason for the revolution.
Before The Revolution
Before the American revolution, America
was still apart of the United Kingdom and they paid their taxes and followed
British Rule. Basically, they were no different from the British citizens. Although, the citizens living in the States grew tired of paying taxes and following a government which they believed did not care for them. These problems eventually led to the American Revolutionary War.
After The Revolution
During The Revolution
During the Revolution, there was a lot of chaos both in the States and UK. People were split. Some people wanted the Revolution and some people wanted to remain a part of England. The Loyalists were treated very badly by the people who wanted to be independent. England attempted to gain the country back, but failed terribly. With its economy being in the toliet after the 7 year war....that wasn't very possible nor easy. Thus, the
American Revolution was
Both the Americans and the French were upset about the amount of
they had to pay.
Social equality
Striven for Democratic nation, and to rebel against Monarchs.
After the Revolutionary War and the overall Revolution. America was on its path to become a brand new established country. George Washington, one of the starters of the Revolution became the first American president. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, one of the key symbols of the birth of the United States. Later on the American constitution was written. Till, this day our law depends on the constitution. By comparing America to the rest of the world, it is easy to tell, this constitution was a successful one.
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