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Shop.com Business Presentation


Julian Soriano

on 27 July 2013

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Transcript of Shop.com Business Presentation

For every 100 people who reach the age of 65... 1% is Wealthy
4% are Financially Fit
5% are Still Working
28% are Dead
62% are Flat Broke The 2 to 3 Year Plan Like a Franchise
Products 5 Steps to get started Learn the business and attend the next training/convention
Use the products yourself and share your testimonial
Find 2 friends that want to do this business with you.
Get started - $420 (tax included) / $100 Annual Renewal
Duplicate your knowledge The Shortcut to Success? GET TICKETS TO THE NEXT CONVENTION! Linear vs Ongoing Income Which side are you on? Why? 95% of people spend 45 years making the top 5% successful. This is called the 45 Year Plan Unlike a Franchise
No large capital
No franchise fee
Not limited by location
Don't have to worry about competition Unfranchise Business Potential to earn $300 - $3600 per week 3 ways to earn income:
Cashback - (2 to 50%)
Provide Products to 10 - 15 Preferred Customers and Earn Retail Profit
Time Leveraging. Duplicate your efforts and develop only 2 sales and distribution organizations. If you had a choice, and you are unsure if both work, which do you prefer? Trade time for $
$ grows linearly
Work stops, income stops
Not creating True Wealth
Time is not your own
Just making a living Leverage your time
$ grows exponentially
Income Continues
Creating True Wealth
Total Time Freedom
Creating a lifestyle Options to earn more $?
Work more hours
Get a 2nd job
Start your own business
Back to school
Lottery 45 2-3 Most people say 2-3 because
it is shorter. MPCP Management Performance Compensation Plan YOU Cashback Tax Benefit Opportunity Products Customers Customers Customers With the $420 Fast Start Kit, you get access to:

Over 2500 MA Brand Products
Over 3000 Partner Stores The first thing you need is customers! How to create BV/IBV

Personal Use/Sharing
Preferred Customers (10 to 15)
New Business Partners
Health/E/M-Commerce Trends
Local Shop.com Customers Every Friday at 11:59 pm, the company accumulates all the BV from the bottom of your organization to the top

No level limitation
100% Accumulation
BV lasts for 365 days
IBV lasts for 730 days
Income is capped
Personal BV can be transferred to the newest personally sponsored business partner. Some of these people will become your business partners. 2 by 2 by 2 (to infinity) your business will expand and as a team we will accumulate BV and IBV BV = Commission from Market America Brand Products (Isotonix, Motives) 001 When you start this business the company opens up your first BDC (business development center) 001. BV IBV BV IBV IBV = Commission from Partner Store Products (Best Buy, Walmart) In our 001 we are going to generate two types of commission. BV and IBV. If Amy here gets 200 BV... Lisa also gets 200 BV... ...and Kayla also gets 200 BV 1200 1200 2400 2400 3600 3600 5000 5000 INCOME CAPPED! 1200 1200 2400 2400 3600 3600 5000 5000 600
300 600
300 You have 2 and only 2 organizations. LEFT RIGHT Then you make 200 BV on your right side ...you make $300. When you accumulate 1200 BV on both LEFT and RIGHT... 2400 BV on both sides... ...another 3600 BV on both sides... ...another Finally at 5000 BV on both sides... You make $600. Everything I said about BV is the exact same for IBV 1500 BV commission
+1500 IBV commission
=3000 Total commission Per week BUT 5000/5000 5000/5000 5000/5000 If you and at least 1 person from your left AND right organizations hit 5000/5000 in the same week You get $600 3000 Total Commission
+600 Leadership Bonus
=3600 Per week If this isn't enough for you... 002 You can open your 002, and continue to build 2 more organizations, doubling your income and strengthening your 001. If this isnt enough... 003 You can open up your 003... You can have up to 999 BDCs. The current top income earner has around 40 BDCs. So dream big. http://www.shop.com/shopsoriano What if we can offer
you an alternative? What is your level of interest? I want to try a product (Customer)
I want to give the business a try first (Trial Run)
I am ready to start now (Distributor) Distribution Proven System Training System NMTSS Thank You for listening! Any questions? Ask the person
who brought you here! But why not both?
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