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3 goals

No description

Russiah Turton

on 21 October 2016

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Transcript of 3 goals

The many different aromas attack my nose. I smell the ocean water, and I smell blood, sweat, and determination which are all released by those fighting with me and against the Empire.
What do I smell?
My name is Mehmed the Conqueror. I'm the leader of the Ottoman Army.
Who am I?
The things I see are closer then I can seem to wrap my hand around. The bows and arrows , the various men fighting for the Ottoman Empire. In my direct view I see knights fighting , I see the some on land and some on sea.
What do I see?
In order to stay safe I'm upon a horse. I feel the tension in the horse as if he himself is fighting. The touch of some of my army men lay upon in attempt to keep me safe from danger.
What do I touch?
The noises that surround me are neither pleasant nor unpleasant. Its the sound of handling business. Men yelling and screaming, begging for their lives, the horse in which I sit upon neighs at the sight of fear.
What do I hear?
I coincidentally have multiple fears. The fear of dying, getting captured, or the Empire being taken over or destroyed.
The fears I have?
The Collapse of the Empire: Up Close & Personal
3 goals...
A week goes on and...

1. Destroy Byzantine Empire and take its place in power.

2.Gain economic power over the Middle East & Western European.

3. Turn the Empire of Byzantine from Christianity to Muslim.

4.Control trade routes.
As the week has passed a New Era has begun.
The transforming of religion beliefs are slowly but surely occurring. We are utilizing our trade opportunities & gaining an economic prosperity.
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