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Copy of Lab Safety

Lab Safety Rules

Beth Evans

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Lab Safety

Science Lab Safety
Always wear lab safety goggles
when instructed to do so.
Tie back loose hair and clothing
(Burned hair stinks!)
Some labs require covered feet and toes....
Always follow procedures exactly.
team to find as many
safety items as you can -
(We'll check when we're done!)
Keep water contained!
Report ALL accidents or spills to teacher IMMEDIATELY, no matter how minor!
No food, gum or drink in lab
areas when labs are set up.
Nothing is to be thrown in the lab -
even trash. Carry objects to where
you want to place them!
If clothing catches on fire do not run - STOP/DROP/ROLL in the fire blanket (red case in SharkTank).
(We have NO safety shower, so don't catch on fire.)
Use caution when working with hot plates or other heating devices.
Use caution when working with electrical equipment.
Do not use equipment in a manner for which it is not intended.
Clean up lab areas when finished.
Always thoroughly wash hands with soap and water at the conclusion of lab.
Handle chemicals according to directions: NEVER taste, smell, or touch chemicals unless told to do so.
Unless we're outside
and throwing is the point!
Know where safety equipment is located: quick! Work with your
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