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The Life of a Resident Assistant

No description

Maggie Sullivan

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of The Life of a Resident Assistant

“As a qualified team of student services professionals, Housing, Food, and Conference Services is dedicated to providing a quality environment that enhances the opportunity to maximize the development of each student’s physical, social, and academic potential within a community setting.”

Mission Statement
At All Times, You Are A(n):
Role Model Programmer
Student Leader Teacher
University Representative Administrator
Consultant Educator
Helper Intervener
Community Builder
---Be on duty the night before
student move-in starting at 6pm.

---New Resident Registration – Sunday 9-5pm

---RezEx Events as time and schedule permits

---The week of resident move-in, complete a
Room Condition Report with each resident.
Return completed reports to your RC

---Be available as much as possible to
answer questions and
offer guidance and support
What You Should Know
The Life
of a
Resident Assistant

How to answer to our call of duty

Move-In Preparation

Check both the individual bedrooms and common areas.

Ensure appliances are working and clean, furniture is in good repair and fire equipment is in good working order.

Burton's Ponds

Check rooms to ensure keys work, has appropriate furniture (desk chairs, garbage cans, etc.) and all items are in good condition.

Ensure common areas are clean and presentable.

Paton College:
Administrative Duties
Resident Assistant
Prepare weekly common area
(floor)condition reports in S.A.F.E.
(Mmmm S.A.F.E.!)

Pick up and deliver mail, as scheduled
before 1:00pm, if possible.

Hold wing/floor meetings (minimum monthly).

Issue sick tray notes with good judgement.

Maintain positive working relationships.

Document any and all incidents.

Be a member of the RAP
Administrative Duties
Academic Assistant

Encourage and promote academic
success within your residence.

Advertise, Hire, & Promote residence tutors.

Maintain the House Files.

Computer Rooms & Study Rooms.

Enforce Rules and Regulations.

Support Resident Assistants.

Be a member of the
RAP committee.

Assisting Students
Be available to residents in addition to scheduled duty time.

Create an environment that is conductive to learning.

Support and encourage participation.

Be alert to resident needs and
help as expertise allows
Know and observe university
and Housing regulations –
Be a role model!

Ensure residents are aware of these regulations.

Prevent abuse of the regulations.
Respond appropriately to violations.

Document incidents in S.A.F.E.
Be consistent!

Perform duty in accordance with
the schedule set out by your Residence Coordinator. Provide your RC with your timetable asap.

When out of your room, leave a note as to where you are in the building.

Accompany residents who are locked out of their room and open the door for them. DO NOT give the keys to any student!

Be observant of all areas of residence
and take appropriate action.

---Staff are required to be on duty when the Housing Office is closed:

----Evenings: 5pm-9am

---Weekends: Fri 5pm-Mon 9am


Wear your staff shirt.

Carry duty phone at all times.
Be in your building and anwser it.

Time management.

Do regular rounds of the buildings you are responsible for but don’t be predictable.

Be seen.

Stop and talk.

Used to contact staff while on duty

Phone is to be placed in staff closet at end of each shift (sign out/in)
BP storage room

Make sure phone is charged


Residence Coordinator

Residence Life Advisors

Other Residence Life/Housing Officials

Campus Enforcement & Patrol

Facilities Management


Residence Coordinator

Residence Life


Campus Enforcement & Patrol

Other Duty Phones


Who Are You Going to Call?
Who's Going to

When on duty you are required to stay in your building at all times, unless you receive prior approval from your RC and have another staff member to cover your shift.

Always leave a note as to where you can be reached when you are not in your room.

If you wish to be away from
residence overnight, you must
receive prior approval from your Residence Coordinator.

If you are unable to pick up mail, arrange for another staff member to do so. Everyone wants their care package asap!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Balance is important.
You are a student first.

Get to know your residents. Knowing their name will go a long way.

Maintain a unified front
with your staff.

Please remember that you have responsibilities even when you do not have the duty phone.

Always remember that you are a staff member of the university.

Promptly put up

Always attend meetings and training, as per your contract. Visibility and participation is key.

At the end of the Fall semester, do room checks for those students who will not be returning only.

Program, Program, Program!

Laugh & Have Fun! : )

Four Steps to

Potential for someone to
be hurt…stop it!

Potential for property to
be damaged…stop it!

Back up and support
each other

When in doubt,
"keep them alive and
teach them something"
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