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How has e-commerce changed the way we buy goods and services

choice, location, convenience, cost, flexibility

Connor Hillerby

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of How has e-commerce changed the way we buy goods and services

Choices Thanks to E-commerce, the choice of products we can buy is almost limitless. There are quite a few websites that are only available online but are extremely helpful. Most shops and services have created websites as well, these include: Game, Amazon, Tesco, Asda, eBay, HMV and a whole lot more. The choice you get online gives you a great selection of products and unique gifts which would be very difficult to buy if you were shopping for them physically because it means you would have to trail from shop to shop in search of what you're looking for. Location Cost The cost of a product is a large aspect in to why people may buy a product. This means that people need to shop around for the best of prices because no one wants to lose money through getting a product which you could get cheaper in a different shop. This is an advantage when shopping online because you can search for the most money-saving websites in a matter of minutes. However, sometimes when you buy a product online it may charge postage & packaging (P&P) which is a small price to pay. Flexibility Availability can become a real hassle when you are actually buying items in the shops. This is why E-commerce is the 1st choice for people who want to buy specialized products like a suit with an uncommon neck size or trainers in an unusual design. This is because shopping online allows you to pick specific sizes and designs as they can get the products directly from the warehouse where there is a much larger range of items. This can become really handy for if you wanted something unique but you couldn't get it in nearby shops. How has E-commerce
changed the way we
buy goods and services The location is a big reason for people to shop online because it makes it much easier for people to obtain what they want due to the fact that they can do it in most places you can think of. This is because we can search different products in a variety of different shops in a matter of minutes without having to waste any energy whereas physical shopping means you have to get to all the shops which means you get tired, it often gets very tedious and it can sometimes take all day. Also, if you are in a small village or town it can mean buying specialist products can be a hassle and you might have to travel long distances just to get certain products. Covenience The convenience is also a big factor into why people use E-commerce so much. You can shop directly from a device connected to the internet so even if you're not at home you can buy stuff. When you are online shopping you can quickly compare different shop prices so you know which is the best price and that makes it much more simple. Also, with some websites they record what you've bought before and will either record it and recommend you stuff or will even store them for next time so you can just go to the website and you can go onto your history and you can buy what you've bought previously which makes it incredibly convenient. Introduction E-commerce has been one of the greatest technological innovations in the 21st century and with this comes a bucket full of benefits and that is what i will tell you about in the following presentation. The advantages of E-commerce are endless but i have broke them down into the 5 main category's; these include the variety of choice you have, how the location differs between online shopping and physical shopping, the convenience of E-commerce, whether it costs more or less to online shop and the flexibility of online shopping. Amazon An example of an E-commerce site would be Amazon which is an international website that doesn't have any actual built shops but does have a business online which sell their own products as well as retailing other companies. Also, when you buy products from the Amazon company they often don't charge you P&P unless you want next day delivery. Usually, this means it's almost always cheaper than buying directly from separate companies. Conclusion E-commerce has completely changed the way we buy goods and services as i have explained to you in the previous slides. However, some people argue that this is a bad thing but in my opinion online shopping has so many benefits that it is hard to fault it. Without E-commerce we would still be getting out to the shops no matter the weather and it would harder to find your ideal products and with that comes a greater cost of getting around. This is why i think online shopping is an essential part of the 21st century and why it would be much harder to live without it.
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