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Being a Physical Therapist

English 3

Silvia Ortega

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Being a Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist Pros/Cons by:
Silvia Ortega
Liliana Rodriguez Positive factors:
High demand
Can work with patients of all ages
Multiple work setting
Good pay
Stable job Negative factors:
unmotivated patients
exposed to ill people Opposing people patients
family members Opposing
organizations none Work Settings Physical therapists usually work in:
Offices of health practitioners
Nursing facilities
Home health care services
Rehab facilities Working Conditions Work close to patients
Exposed to ill people daily
Always forming new relationships
Communicate daily
rely highly on social contact
might repeat physical tasks Schedule co-workers Who benefits? Preparation high school:
anatomy & physiology
computer applications
health education
intro to health care
keyboarding College:
1 yr of general Chemistry w/lab
1 yr of Biology w/lab
1 yr of physics w/lab
3 quarters of writing/english
Social Science Volunteer work:
health institutions in general Works cited Questions? Work attire Physical therapists usually wear scrubs If the patient has an active infection, they might be required to wear:
shoe covers
face shields typically work 40 hours a week make fixed plans depending on the patients' needs health practitioners doctors physical therapists nurses occupational therapists community (patients) patients' family why they benefit: they are ensured a more passive way to recover from injury,stroke, disability, etc. "Common Work Activities." Arizona Career Information System. intoCAREERS,
2012. Web. 29 Jan. 2013.
"Occupational Outlook Handbook." U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. U.S.
Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012. Web. 02 Feb. 2013.
"Physical Therapists." Arizona Career Information System, 2012. Web. 02 Feb.
2013.Urbauer, Thomas.
"What Do Physical Therapists Wear?" EHow. Demand Media, 26 July 2010.
Web. 02 Feb. 2013. help cancer patients regain their strength
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