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Welcome to Biology

No description

Katelynn Dorn

on 15 August 2017

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Transcript of Welcome to Biology

Welcome to Biology
What is expected of me in class?
I will arrive on time.
I will participate in class.
I will speak positively to and about others.
I will ask the teacher for help whenever I need it.
I will hand in my assignments on time.
I will use my God-given abilities to do my very best work that I can.
Why Are You Taking This Course?
Fulfilling life science standard for NE
Prepare you for next level- college, career, etc.
Be aware of the orderliness and complexity that exists in God's creation
Recognize that we are the crown of God's creation and need to care for the creatures under our protection.
Develop your problem-solving skills and ability to work cooperatively
What will you get to do in this class?
Describe the complex molecules and cells that make up life.
Explain your traits through genetics.
Learn about different plants and animals.
See how our heavenly Father lovingly created us as we study our bodies.
Go to the zoo!
Dissect a pig!!!
What Do You Need?
Holt McDougal Biology
book cover
writing utensils
three ring binder or folder
What does tardy mean in this class?
not having the necessary materials with you
How can you get a hold of me?
Mrs. Katelynn Dorn
office is in science room
can meet 1st or 2nd hour or before/after school by appt.
text: (262) 408-9692
e-mail: kdorn@nelhs.org
Get to know you survey due Wed.
Also bring electronic device for Wed.
Have books covered by next Mon.
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