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A2 Media Evaluation Question 4

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Quani Rose

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of A2 Media Evaluation Question 4

Timeline April December January February March Team 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Prezi
I have used this tool to
answer evaluation question
4 as you can tell.
I can be creative and used
different template designs in
addition it is a new way to present
my ideas rather than PowerPoint.
I felt it was important to use
different types of media for the evaluation questions. Photo Shop:
We used Photoshop to edit our ancillary
texts. We used Photoshop to change the colour and back ground as well as font styles and sizes of the text e.g. the band name.
How did you use new media technologies in the construction of research and planning, production and evaluation stages? Blogger:
I used Blogger to create my blog; in doing this I was able to conduct all my planning and research online and keep track of my progress. I have used Blogger throughout the whole process of planning, producing and evaluating our music video. Throughout the planning process we used blogger to look at other student's blogs to see what we needed to include in our own blogs. It also allowed us to record what our initial ideas were, upload when we were going to film, and record our analyses of other music videos, digipaks and album adverts. iPad and mobile phones:

We used a wide range of apps on our ipads/mobile phones
during production of our music video and album cover. We used Facetime and other apps such as Skype to keep in contact with each other.
- Using Skype we could talk through instant messaging and through video calls. This meant we could split screens and watch Cameron edit the video whilst using istant messaging to give him more ideas or any changes to make.

- We used Facetime to quickly check up on our ideas if we were unable to use Skype.

- We set up a Whatsapp Group chat with all the members of our group which was constantly open. We used this to double check when were we're filming, what needed to be done next.

Strengths of using these technologies:
Accessible at anytime

Whatsapp needs internet connection Digital Cameras:

We used a Canon camera to film the majority of our video( the scenes with Hayden were filmed with Cameron's iPhone 5).
Advantages- being small means its easy to carry around
- portable - it can be taken anywhere we need to film
- rechargeable battery- we dont have to worry about batteries.
Disadvantages - the camera and the tripod didn't match so we had to be very careful when filming.
-We found that the camera quality wasn't as good as we hoped for,but we overcame this as our video is in black and white. Internet:
I used google to look at:
-Other people blogs, this allowed me to see what previous students has uploaded and it helped us with our own work as previous students had also chosen Linkin Park songs.
-For emailing my work, because I didnt have a USB I used London Mail Email to send my work to my home email. Other members of the group used DropBox which is very similar.
-To go on YouTube, I used youtube throughout the whole A2 course, when initally constructing our ideas we looked at many different YouTube videos from Mainstream artists such as Beyonce. Furthermore we used YouTube to upload the preview and final version of our video, this allowed us to gain feedback.
- To go on slide share, I used slide share to research evaluation questions. It was very helpful as it allowed me to find sample answers and I found some powerpoints which could help me answer all 4 evaluation questions. I also used slide share when answering Evaluation question 1.
-To research Linkin Park, I used Linkin Park's website to gain some information about them and their albums.
Disadvantage - We couldn't always access the internet at school.
Advantages- Allowed us to access any site we wanted to.
-Has unlimited amout of information and websites to help us.
We have a Mac room in our school , toward to end of filming we had most of our lessons there so we could complete editing and focus on creating our album covers. Although we didn't use the Apple Mac's at school to edit our video we used Photoshop to plan ideas for our album cover. Furthermore we used the Mac's to continue any work we had previously done at home or during free periods in the study room.
Advantages of using the Apple Mac were :
-Has more programmes than normal school computers e.g. Photoshop and iMovies.
-Was accessible most times - we were able to use the Mac Room during our free periods.

Disadvantages- we often had to share the Mac Room with other students doing subjects such as Music or ICT. This meant that at times there wasn't enough computers and there were times when we had to share computers.
- We had problems with our log in, we went to the ict technicians on several occasions but they couldn't fix the problem Apple Macs: Sony Vegas:
Sony Vegas is the editing software we used for our music video.

For my primary research I used Microsoft Word to create my questionnaires and Microsoft Excel to organised the data I collected into graphs and charts. The data from the questionnaires allowed us to gain audience feedback and to establish whether there would be a target audience for our music video. For example the image shows that Linkin Park was the band that people were most familiar with.
Strengths of Excel-
Easy to use

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