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Transportation in the 60's

No description

Hannah Parikh

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Transportation in the 60's

Cool Facts
Some cool and random facts about transportation in the 60's is in the late 60's seat belts were not invented,but that is why they also used trains and planes. Cars in the 60's usually came with power steering. In the 1960 automobiles belonged to a distinctive decade of automobile history with an advent of economy Muscle and Pony cars.


www.livinghistoryfarm.org farminginthe50s//life-14.html
Other Transportation
Their wasn't only cars in the 60's. People in the 60's used many ways to transport themselves. In the 60's they had an option for trains it was the main use in the 60's because before the 60's the train was popular use of transportation also planes were in big use it may sound odd because in 2014 we mostly use cars as our transportation,but cars in the 60's were mostly used for personal travel.And planes not always carried people they also transported cargo.
Popular Car
The 60's popular car was the Volkswagen with 2 models
1. The beetles
2.The bus
The Volkswagen is a popular car because lot of famous people have used the Volkswagen,in fact the show ScoobyDoobyDo used the Volkswagen .
The Cars in 60s
In 60'S their were plenty of cars ,but these are couple of them ....
-The 60's cutlass
-The 60's Volkswagen car which also came in as a bus.
-The 60's Muscle car.
-The 60's Pontiac GTO.
-67 Shelby Mustang Super Shake.
-68 Dodge Charger
-69 Cameron
-69 Ford Mustang Boss
-Pony cars
Transportation in the 60's
Cost Of The 60's Cars
The cost in the 60's of cars compared to our price is way different we all know that! The average new car in the 60's was about $2,752 and if you went to the gas station ,the gas price would be about 31 cents. and as we talked before we had planes and the plane ride was really expensive for people in the 60's. Car companies also started to sell small size cars so most of the people could afford it.
They had couple of companies back in the 60's that were huge in money such as Ford,GM,Volkswagen,Chrystal, and Chevrolet. Car companies were really successful in the 60's. During 60's the companies released high performance cars it was incredible.
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