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Science Project

No description

Willow Smith

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Science Project

Warm Fronts
What is the abbreviation?
Where are they located?
A maritime polar air mass is moist and cold.
What is it?
Maritime Polar
What is it?
Maritime Tropical
What is it?
Continental Polar
What is it?
Continental Tropical
What is an air mass?
Air Masses
Weather Air Masses and Fronts
By: Willow Smith, Rosie Du, and Akshay Mehta
An air mass is a large body of air that forms over regions and takes on the characteristics of that place. It is a huge body of air that has similar temperature, humidity, and air pressure at any given height.
Where are they located?
A maritime tropical air mass is moist and warm.
They are located in the southeastern and southwestern areas of the United States and wherever it is warm and moist.
What is the abbreviation?
A continental polar air mass is dry and cold.
Where are they located?
What is the abbreviation?
They are located in the northern area of the United States and wherever it is dry and cold.
Thanks for
Video of Air Masses!
Video on Fronts!


Cold Fronts
-A front is formed when masses of air of different temperatures and characteristics meet.
Where are they located?
What is the abbreviation?
A continental tropical air mass is dry and warm.
They are located in the southern area of the United States and wherever it is hot and dry.
A cold front forms when a fast, cold air mass runs into a slow, warm air mass, and the dense cold air slides under the lighter warm air, pushing the warm air along the edge of the colder air.
A warm front forms when a fast-moving warm air mass overtakes a slow-moving cold air mass. Because cold air is denser than warm air, the warm air moves over the cold air.
What is a front?
Occluded fronts can also be called complex cold fronts. It is a faster moving cold air mass that pushes up a warm air mass, and it occludes, hides, the warm air mass.
A stationary front forms when cold and warm air masses meet and neither of them are strong enough to replace the other. Eventually one air mass will win out, which is usually the cold air mass.
They are located in the northwestern and northeastern areas of the United States and wherever it is moist and cold.
How do fronts and air masses affect us?
-when air masses meet, they form fronts
-fronts generally cause bad weather
- these fronts can cause storms(ex. snow storms)

-Prentice Hall: Weather and Climate: Chapter 3
-Fronts worksheet(given in class 3/17/14)
-Prentice Hall: Weather and Climate Textbook Worksheet: Air Masses and Fronts
Bibliography(cont. for pictures/videos)
-Warm air moves upward over cold air, and fronts form along the edges of high pressure areas.
-Generally the barometer drops as a front approaches and rises after the front passes.
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