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Let's meet

in on at

Go English Live

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Let's meet

Prepositions IN At PLace: Where are you? IN :It´s the biggest of the three.
You have to think about big places Colombia The United States Medellín Orlando On: we use it to talk
about streets Place : We use on to tell people we are on a street but not where we are exactly. Place The Outer circle We use it for Countries, cities, neighborhoods On IN On Middle circle Poblado avenue 16th street Es imposible saber en que parte
de la calle estás No da la ubicación exacta At My house 16OO Pennsylvania Ave. Africa Your neighborhood Belén Poblado The Inner circle At: se usa para
sitios exactos First-1st
Second- 2nd
Third- 3rd
Fifth-5th Ordinal numbers IN : Es la más grande de todas
Tienes que pensar en lugares grandes Como estamos hablando de lugares se tienen que representar como un espacio Venezuela En inglés hay unas diferencias para usar usar este tipo de números Se usan para calles: Lane Road Avenue Street Drive Way Boulevard

PLace or Names At: Any place with an address IN ON AT Lugar Main street Stanford University ... small Los Angeles New York City 5th avenue ? Pensemos en cualquier sitio que tenga dirección. Falabella 1500 Maine ave 134 16th street Mi casa Mi trabajo In On At The end Let´s practice In, on or at? She is ___ the water The plane is ___ the airport We are ___ New york -Where are you?
- I´m ___ Main Street in in at on
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