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All about McFly

Lori-Jean Gray

on 26 September 2011

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Transcript of McFly

History McFly are a Pop-Rock band from the Uk. McFly had a rise to fame in 2004 with the release of their first album - Room on the 3rd floor. McFly were named as the youngest band to get their debut single to number one in the first week - stealing the title from The Beatles. The Boys (Members of McFly) Tom Fletcher Harry Judd Dougie Poynter Danny Jones Tom Fletcher is the lead singer, lead guitarist and writer of the band. Tom Fletcher was the first offical member of Mcfly. Tom Fletcher was born on July 17th 1985, making him the oldest member of McFly. His full name is Thomas Michael Fletcher. Harry Judd is the drummer of McFly. His full name is Harry Mark Christopher Judd. Harry Judd was born on the 23rd of December 1985 ranking him second oldest in Mcfly. Harry Judd was also the star of McFly's mini film 'Nowhere Left to Run' Dougie Poynter is the bassist and back-up vocals of McFly His full name is Douglas Lee Poynter Dougie's birthday is 30th of November 1987, ranking him the youngest member of McFly Dougie is currently the only member of Mcfly not in a relationship ;) Danny Jones is the guitarist and also plays lead guitar. His full name is Daniel Alan David Jones. Danny's birthday is the 12th of March 1986. Danny is also a known DJ in the Uk, and he often remixes the latest chart toppers from around the world From their old stuff... To stuff from their most recent album... To the stuff in the middle... McFly even made their own movie...
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