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This Rough Magic

For School

James Heusser

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of This Rough Magic

Information about the author We think the book has a lot
of tension building sections
which are very interesting to
read. Summary of the story Information about the subject, "Smuggling" Discussion about "Smuggling" Why do People smuggle? Mary Stewart: by Mary Steward This Rough Magic Corfu Island A Noah, Bruno and James Production Welcome to our presentation about the book
" This Rough Magic" Table of Content: Any Questions? Mary Florence Elinor Stewart Information about the author Summary of the story Information about the subject, "Smuggling" Discussion about "Smuggling" Personal opinion born 17 September 1916 Sunderland, County Durham best known for her Merlin series Redirecting... Loose ends = Lose enden Murder = Ermordung Clue = Tip Occurs = Passiert Tenant = Rentner Evident = Offensichtlich Trespassers = Unbefugte / Eindringlinge What do you think about smuggling? How do People smuggle today? If you had to, would you? The book keeps you guessing
what is going to happen next. Thank you for listening. Vote me for President... ... and get a free Wet-swipe*!!! *(offer only valid by purchase
of a triple Wet-swipe pack for
only 2.95 Fr.)
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