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Advertising Agency Pitch to Guolairen Inc.

A different Methodology to sell a SaaS solution in the enterprise based on lowering CAC

xinyu wu

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of Advertising Agency Pitch to Guolairen Inc.

Rewiew of Exisisting Programmes Traditional SaaS Model Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? Rene Birthday Introduction Mike Wu
Marketing plan Anna Wang
Existing programs Mark Gao
STP Jasmine Dong
IMC programs Sean Zhang
Yao Wang ‘
Conclusion Mike Wu S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a s e m e d to Guolairen Inc. Integrated Marketing Communications program Yao. Wang STP& Philosophy Marketing Plan Advertising
Agency Pitch Background Introduction Market research Existing programs BBS with Tencent education channel Nation’s largest professional
Speaking tour Talent-cultivating factory Higher education level

Higher demend Higher development level

Higher demand Positioning BCOV Cooperate with many
Famous university Competition STP &
Jasmine Dong Next NEXT iCreate Global Design Consultancy First Part

Anna Wang guess
what? And with success NEW VIDEO Finds out
about it browsing the internet
passionate people (TED)
trusted advisors
sales superstars ? Organization IMC PLANPress &
Web Page Hire, Train, Compensate and
organize in a flat Structure Sean. Zhang IMC programs Sean. Zhang&Yao. Wang How Any Question? Baseball Lessons baseball thinking is medieval ... we are asking all the wrong questions! What I see ... is an imperfect understanding where runs come from... There is an epidemic failure within the game to understand what is really happening... ...and this leads people who run teams to mis-manage their players. sales Media Planer: Xinyu Wu
Graphic Designer: Siyuan Zhang
IT Designer: Yao Wang
Chief PR Officer: Han Gao
Account manager: Qin Dong
Creative Director: Xiuwen Wang Don't forget to call your Mom! Help me! Jive Spend on M&S Revenues Clients 2010 2011 $65M $46M 676 560 $45M $29M Diff $19M 77 $16M Year 1 cost of sales! 85% T H N A K Y O U P R E Z I Step Four Rewire your brain to not fight the cloud but to use it! Why What How http://www.guolairen.com Thank you ! Background Economic Depression

Graduates is up to almost seven million in 2013 Introduction Structure

Annual average profit rate

Awards Marketing Research Geographic research

The advantages of Guolairen Competition The competitors

Promotional channels

Distribution spots Become the ‘New oriental’ in realm of job-hunting directing for university students Philosophy Segmentation&
TargetingDemographic Criteria Segmentation &
TargetingGeographic Criteria Rewiew of Exisisting Programmes STP &
Jasmine Dong video

advertisement Mark Gao b) color & its relevant
impression c) background a) 3 dimensions Web Page
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