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Where should I post in Yammer?

Sharing posts with All Company and Groups

LaTanya Blackman

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Where should I post in Yammer?

You have information to share or questions to ask
Bright ideas
How should you post on Yammer?

Share the information
with a specific group
When you create a post to the
All Company group
...your post will be shared with
all County users
on the Arlington Yammer network.
Want to share with a smaller group of people?
HealthSmart Wellness
Solid Waste - Commercial Recycling
You can join one of the existing groups
in the Arlington Yammer network...
...or you can create your own
public or private group.
Is your information relevant to everyone on
Arlington's Yammer Network?
You have a question and don't know where to find the answer
You have information that you think everyone in the County may want to know
First ask yourself,
"Who needs to see this information?"
Select a group...
...and then share your post with the group.
Here's a recap:
Post information to
All Company
to share with all County users on the Arlington Yammer network
Post information in a Yammer group to share with a smaller audience

You're on your way to becoming a Yammer Superstar!
For more Yammer tips,
join the O365 group in Yammer
First Fridays Book Club
SharePoint Site Owners
& Power Users
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