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AIESEC Culture

No description


on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of AIESEC Culture

AIESEC Culture
Roll Calls
AIESEC Gestures
(The best way to understand AIESEC gestures is by seeing and doing)
AIESEC Acronyms
AIESEC Roll Calls
Be quiet
Wave on
Speak up
Slow down
Awkward moment
Chants are used to get everyone energised and pumped up. Chants are also used to at Conferences to represent your LC. Every LC has one. Also every portfolio has their own one.
LC Chant
Portfolio Chants
There are also chants that are used on the daily such as the "Hey AIESEC!.. What's Up."
Here is a basic list of acronyms that are regularly used by everyone
LC - Local Committee
LCP - Local Committee President
VP - Vice President
TL - Team Leader
EP - Exchange Participant
oGCDP - Outgoing Global Citizen Development Program
oGIP - Outgoing Global Internship Program
AIESEC Acronyms
iGIP - Incoming Global Internship Program
TM - Talent Management
FnG - Finance and Governance
MaC - Marketing and Communications
BD/ER - Business Development/External Relations
There are many more acronyms that you will learn and use during your time in AIESEC
Roll Calls are a way of expressing our young, outgoing energy. It also represents the vibrancy, dynamism, and culture of AIESEC
Every LC around the world has their own Roll Call. It is also used to represent your LC at Conferences.
Roll Call are done at every conference
AIESEC Roll Calls
What is an AIESEC Roll Call?
AIESEC Roll Calls
AIESEC in Curtin has their own Roll Call
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