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Writing - Improving writing skills

No description

Sanele Gumpo

on 12 September 2017

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Transcript of Writing - Improving writing skills

Organize your ideas- Brainstorm!
Brainstorming is a way of organizing your thoughts before you begin writing e.g using mind maps
See example below
After brainstorming...
Main Body...
Focus on one idea - one paragraph
Language (formal or neutral language)
Avoid sentences that are too long
Avoid contractions such as don't, can't, I'm or she's
Do not plagiarize (Copying from the internet)

Make sure you revise your essay before handing it in

Get feedback from your classmates, friends or family

Check if you have made any grammatical or linguistic mistakes

Plan your time wisely

Always try to hand in a revised and well structured text
English : Writing
How can we improve our writing skills?
Develop the key words in your mind map

Write anything you can think of

Do not worry about language or spelling mistakes at this stage
Try to always hand in a computer written essay if you can
Class Exercise and Assignment
Write an essay -"What Motivates Me"
Make a mind map in class
Use your mind map to write your essay

Hand in your essay and mind map next Friday
We will exchange essays next Tuesday - Feedback from classmates

"What Motivates Me"
Introduction :
Body :
Conclusion :
Divide the body into several paragraphs e.g what motivates you in life, school and to make changes in life...
Draw a conclusion about your essay e.g In conclusion, I think that being motivated...
Briefly, what is your essay about and why are you writing it? e.g This is an essay about...
An essay should include a clear :

Main Body

We are going to write an essay entitled "
What motivates me?
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