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Leadership, Diversity & LGBT Inclusion in the Workplace

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Nathan Nguyen

on 12 March 2018

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Transcript of Leadership, Diversity & LGBT Inclusion in the Workplace

Leadership, Diversity & LGBT Inclusion
in the Workplace

Transition into the civilian work force
Being aware of a diverse work environment
Accepting coworkers/colleagues
Be capable to step into leadership roles to create a safe and conducive work environment
Corporate Equality Index
Workplace Applications
Taking on leadership roles
Creating safe work environments for coworkers and clients
Being more aware of inclusive language
Leadership? Work Environment? Inclusive Language?
Scenario 1

Laney has been an employee with a major insurance company for more than 20 years in a non-management capacity. She was able to transfer and move with the company when it merged with another major insurance name. While working in her cubicle she overhears her coworkers talking about how gay people are "weird" and that they don't want to share a work environment with anyone who "lives like that." Laney is straight but is uncomfortable because her daughter recently came out as a lesbian. What should Laney do?
1. What did you think of the last 4 scenarios?
2. In your opinion(s), which of the scenarios really 'stuck out' for you?
3. What would you do if you were in any of the situations? As an employee, manager, or candidate?
City of Raleigh Human Relations Commission
The City of Raleigh's Human Relations Commission (RHRC) serves as an adviser to the City Council in the area of human services and human rights. Human relations shall mean those activities which promote human dignity, equal opportunity and harmony among the many different citizens who make up the population of the City. This definition shall include those activities and programs classified as promoting the general well being of citizens without regard to race, color, creed, gender, age, sexual orientation, or national origin in their daily activities.
Diversity by the Numbers
Sex Assigned at Birth
Gender Identity
LGBT 101
GLBT Center Assistant Director Natalie Nguyen, M. Ed.
Group Agreements
Stretch, don't strain
Right to pass
"I" statements
Lieutenant Daniel Choi, USA
Staff Sgt. Eric Alva, USMC
PO2 Marissa Gaeta, USN
PO1 Nancy Monahan, USCG (ret.)
Col. Ginger Wallace, USAF
Sex assigned upon birth
Gender identity
Gender expression
Sexual orientation
Caution on Terminology
Terms in
may be outdated and/or considered offensive. Please use with caution
Lack of cross-cultural acceptance
Constantly in flux
Power of naming - respect how individual and communities self-identity (terms and pronouns)
Identity = behavior
Gender Expression
Sexual Orientation
Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi
David Burtka & Neil Patrick Harris
Putting it all Together
Gays are sick and evil. Anything is justified to change them.
Heterosexist chauvinism. Those who are born "that way" are to be pitied, "the poor dears."
Gayness is just a phase of development that many go through and grow out of. Thus, gays are less mature and should be protected.
Implies that there's something to accept. "You're not gay to me, you're a person," or "That's fine as long as you don't flaunt it."
Basic ACLU approach. Works to safeguard rights of gays. May feel personally uncomfortable.
Acknowledges that being gay in our society takes strength. Willing to work on heterosexist attitudes.
Values diversity and views gays as a valid part of the diversity. Willing to combat homophobia.
Assumes that gays are indispensable in our society. Willing to be gay advocate.
Adopted from work by Dorothy Riddle, PhD
Identity Development
Cass Model of Coming Out
Identity Confusion
Identity Comparison
Identity Tolerance
Identity Acceptance
Identity Pride
Identity Synthesis
From Human Rights Campaign (HRC)
Diversity by the Numbers
Businesses with Inclusive Diversity Training
CEI-Rated Employers with an LGBT Employee Resource Group or Diversity Council
HRC's 2014 Corporate Equality Index (CEI) included 304 major businesses
Rating criteria includes: equal employment opportunity, employment benefits, organizational LGBT competency, public engagement, responsible citizenship
Businesses are rated on a scale from 0-100
Diversity by the Numbers
13 of the top 20 Fortune-ranked companies received 100% ratings
Businesses' Committment to LGBT Employees
From HRC's CEI 2014
From HRC's CEI 2014
From HRC's CEI 2014
From HRC's CEI 2014
Diversity by the Industry & Employer Participation
Scenario 2

Andy is a college student trying to get through school by working full time for a major transportation company and taking classes part time. Andy has known that he has wanted to transition to become female but doesn't know how well his coworkers would take it. Andy has started growing his hair out, taking estrogen and now goes by "Amy" on campus. Amy was able to find out that her company does offer some health benefits for transitioning via HR. How should/could she handle her transition at work with her coworkers?
Scenario 3

Brian is just starting out his own catering company and has a small staff of office personnel and caterers. Brian is open about being gay and tries to be as inclusive as possible but he still has to think about his profit margins and ensuring client satisfaction. Brian has a mix of both LGBT and straight ally employees who are comfortable with their identities but have asked about health benefits for their respective partners/husbands/wives. Brian is not sure how he can cover his employees' partners while still keeping a healthy profit margin. What could Brian do to make sure everyone is covered equally?
Leadership? Work Environment? Inclusive Language?
Leadership? Work Environment? Inclusive Language?
Evaluation of Scenarios
Scenario 4

Diane is a divorced mother of two girls and has decided to not only go back to school but to start a new job that's more in line with her field of study. While out on an interview she included her volunteer work with a local LGBT organization on her resume. During the interview, the interviewer looked over the resume and began to laugh. Diane immediately felt uncomfortable and politely asked what was so funny. The interviewer dismissed Diane's question and said he would call her later. Disheartened, Diane is sure she did not get the job because of her work in the community. What are Diane's options?
Leadership? Work Environment? Inclusive Language?
All 4 scenarios are true.
[Names have been changed for confidentiality]
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