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Tipping Point Project

The Appeal of Friends

Catherine Nguyen

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Tipping Point Project

DEMOGRAPHICS Household Viewers Critics VS. Household Viewers Fan Reviews Rating: TV-14 Fans Gladwell's Principles Power of Context PEER SURVEYS Casting & Writing MAKING FRIENDS Baochan Le, David Ngo, Sara Pham,
Catherine Nguyen & Christine Ngo Stickiness Factor had relatable characters with real life conflicts & experiences APPEALS contained plentiful comedic factors had good-looking actors & actresses who had both charisma and chemistry plot had room to grow because the basic plot consisted of 6 young adults living in Manhattan Appeal to Public LITTLE THINGS CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE (relating back to "The Tipping Point") humor became a reoccurring aspect in making FRIENDS "sticky" sitcom- a situation comedy Creators Works Cited - Portrays 6 attractive, yet imperfect people in their 20s who embrace each other in an unconditional friendship
they go through everyday problems together yet always manage to overcome conflicts involving misunderstandings, inconvenience, betrayal, and twisted love triangles
gorgeous, vibrant young people with fashionable clothes and clever minds
- Sitcom filled with love, humor, and happy endings
real life relationship problems, regrets, mistakes, humiliations
- Setting in the city of Manhattan
spacious Greenwich Village Apartments accompanied by the famous Central Park Cafe
- Storyline is unpredictable, dialogue full of wit, plot line stays true to the characters Gladwell, Malcolm. . New York: Back Bay Books, 2002. Print. "It's about love, relationships, careers, a time in your life when everything's possible. And it's about friendship because when you're single and in the city, your friends are your family.“ The Original Pitch to NBC - time period: 1994-2004 family shows were common
FRIENDS was a fresh new idea that introduced a relationship among friends rather than among a family relatable characters "stuck" & were memorable because viewers could relate to the situations, conflicts, and personalities of the 6 young adults inspired by Crane, Kauffman and Bright’s memories of life in New York after finishing college
a time when the future was “more of a question mark.”
believed that “everyone knows that feeling”
originally titled Insomnia Cafe
wanted to produce a series that all generations would enjoy watching
NBC bought the idea as a put pilot and risked financial penalties if the pilot was not filmed first true ensemble show in which all 6 characters had a prominent role in developing the plot Pham, Sara. "Do You Watch Friends?" Survey. 24 May 2013. changed aspects of characters to suit the actor/actress more (i.e. Joey)
storylines were also altered during casting
Kauffman and Crane hired a team of seven young writers (most just came out of college)
used six equal characters instead of one or two main ones
created three storylines of equal weight Le, Baochan. "Should Friends Continue With More Seasons?" Survey. 24 May 2013. Pham, Sara. "Who's Your Favorite Character?" Survey. 24 May 2013. smart, cynical, defensive, works for everything she has, assistant chef for a chic uptown restaurant Peer Interviews spoiled, adorable, courageous, terrified, Monica's best friend, has worked for none of what she has, has to rely on herself for the first time Questions:
What do you like about friends?
Why do you believe it was popular?
Who's your favorite character and why? sweet, flaky, Monica's former roommate, sells barrettes on the street & plays guitar in the subway, a good soul intelligent, emotional, romantic, Monica's brother, divorced, does not enjoy being single, a paleontologist handsome, macho, smug, lives across from Monica & Rachel, wants to be an actor, loves sports, loves women dry, an observer of everyone's life, works in a cubicle on a computer, known for his awkward humor It's so funny that I would laugh until I cry. The story never gets old and the characters are somewhat decent looking.
People like it because of the comical aspect.
I like Joey because he is extremely funny.
- Kristie Huynh MONICA PHOEBE RACHEL JOEY CHANDLER ROSS MEET THE CHARACTERS I really like the show because it is really funny and the characters are relatable since their lives are also imperfect and filled with different complications.
The comedy and jokes never get old.
Joey is my favorite character because he is really funny since everything he does and says seems extremely random.
- John Doan AP LANGUAGE; PERIOD 2 Partridge, Darcy. "The Original Friends Site." The Original Friends Site. Darcy Partridge, 1998.
Web. 24 May 2013. FINAL ANALYSIS Doan, John. Personal Interview. 23 May 2013. Huynh, Kristie. Personal Interview. 24 May 2013. CBS Interactive. "Friends - Season 1 Reviews." Friends - Season 1 Reviews - Metacritic. CBS
Interactive Inc., 2013. Web. 24 May 2013. Mediatoolkit. "FRIENDS (TV Show)." Socialnumbers. Mediatoolkit, 2000. Web. 25 May 2013. FRIENDS is "sticky" and memorable due largely to its comedic effect
viewers love the cast and characters and the portrayal of 6 friends living life with all its complications and hardships
FRIENDS produced 10 seasons from 1994-2004, yet even after they stopped making new episodes, thousands of viewers still love to watch it FRIENDS aired from September 22, 1994 - May 6, 2004 10 Seasons with a total of 236 Episodes the Series Finale was watched by 51.1 million American viewers, making it the fourth most watched series finale in television history and the most watched episode of the decade TV Guide rated FRIENDS No. 21 on their list of the 50 greatest TV shows of all time SIMPLY PUT FRIENDS is funny, relatable, and timeless. Even two decades later, viewers are still able to connect with the storyline and the characters because everyone has a friend like Ross, Joey, Chandler, Rachel, Monica, or Phoebe. Other Facts
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