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Mrs. Caldera's House of Things

No description

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Mrs. Caldera's House of Things

Mrs. Caldera's House of Things
by Gregory Djanikian

Mrs Caldera's kitchen
"You never know," she says, rummaging(figurado)
through the cedar chest of recipes,(receta)
"When something will come to use."
there is a vase of pencil tips on the table a bowl full of miniature wheels and axles.
Mrs. Caldera's House of Things
by Gregory Djanikian
Memories of many things
tineless fork
You are sitting in Mrs Caldera's kitchen
You are sipping a glass of lemonade
And trying not to be too curious about
The box of plastic hummingbirds behind you
The tray of tineless forks at your elbow.
You have heard about the back room
Where no one else has ever gone
And what enters, remains;
Refridgerator doors, fused coils,
Mower blades, milk bottles, pistons, gears
Upstairs, where her children slept,
The doors will not close,
The stacks of magazines are burgeoning,(growing)
there are snowshoes, lampshades,
Bedsprings and picture tubes,
And boxes and boxes of irreducible!

You imagine the headline in the Literalist Express
House Founders Under Weight Of Past.

But Mrs. Caldera is baking cookies,
She is humming a song from childhood
Her arms are heavy and strong
They have babies, a husband,
Tractor parts and gas tanks,
What have they not found a place for?

It is getting dark, you have sat for a long time.
If you move, you feel something will be disturbed,
There is room enough only for your body.
"Stay a while," Mrs. Caldera says,
And never have you felt so valuable.
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