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base storytelling


Mark Grudzinski

on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of base storytelling

your special story
Brand Storytelling involves fully engaging your people in the delivery of your Brand
Everyone loves a good story. That’s why we’re still buying books in record numbers despite widespread access to the Internet
(which in itself is a rich source of stories).

A story can capture our imagination
and engage our innate desire to
achieve the extraordinary.
Structured correctly a story can help make sense of complicated issues and keep us all (literally) ‘on the same page’.
It brings your strategy to life!
All your people are inspired by your
brand’s achievements to date and,
more importantly, its future potential.
Everyone can contribute their own ideas
about how to make your Brand Story
a reality and then put them into practice.
The system is flexible and robust. It engages everyone in the company and can be rolled out across widely dispersed geographic areas.
It unites all your people and encourages teamwork and cross-functional co-operation as Brand Story ideas are put into practice.
Stories can simply be told as stories or made into movies, audio tracks and comic strips – and can include supporting music and images
Stories can be adapted for external audiences - like those in your value chain
We clarify or redefine your Brand Promise, Positioning and Brand Values.
We research your Brand Story, identifying key corporate milestones and achievements.
Next we look to your VISION of the future, identifying the achievements and milestones on the horizon.
We write the story, making sure it encapsulates what your brand stands for and inspires your people about its future.
A storytellers’ kit is produced and we recruit and train the storytellers.
The story is cascaded and ideas for bringing the Brand Story to life are generated.
Organisational follow-through makes the Brand Story a reality. This involves both cross-functional workshops and people working in small functional teams. We can help you structure the ideal process.
By enrolling key members of your team as storytellers the story is both credible to the audience and cost-effective to cascade
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