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on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Cocaine

By: Kaitlynn, Karen, and Yeal Throat/mouth Heart Liver Reproductive
System Brain Lungs History After using Cocaine,
your brain produces a
substance called Dopamine, which makes you feel happy Increases heart attacks,
stroke, vasospsm, and
cardiac arrhythmias female: If you take Cocaine when you pregant you are more likely to miscarry the baby or the baby can come pre-mature Causes psychosis and
high risk of seizures When you use cocaine
for the first time cocaine
powerfully affects some of the chemicals in the brain
that changes moods and emotions

Men might have
problems with
erectile dysfunction In the long-term
with using Cocaine
it stops the brain
from storing and using
chemical messangers that
create different feelings Long-term effects Death, mental problems,
croic runny nose,
wired, irritable,
and depressed street Names Commonly known as Coke, snow, lady,
gold dust, crack, and
ready rock How you use Cocaine Injections, inhaled (snorted), and smoked Cocaine produces euphoria(a "high") and a sense of well being, increased energy and metal clarity, and decraeses appetite Paradoxically, the euphoria
may coexist with anxiety and
By the mid- 1980's about
20 million Americans ages 12 and up,
reported having used cocaine at some time in their life Scaring in your mouth and
throat. You will also get little bumps in
the back of your mouth In the 16th and the 17th centuries, Spanish positions
adopted the Coco leaf as an remedy for a variety
of ailments. In 1860, the German
scientist, Albert Niemann, succeeded
in isolating appear active drug, which he called
Cocaine, from Coco leafs. The new substance
at first was thought to have great therapeutric
potential. Why Cocaine was used Cocaine was also
used to treat fatigue,
alcohol, and morphine addiction,
impotence, stomach disorders,
asthma, and many other complaints Cocaine can damage the
liver's ability to detoxify the blood Abnormal heart
rhythms, increases
heart rate and blood pressure Smoking Cocaine damages the lungs cells
abiltiy to produce gases, leaving the person
with constant coughing, breathing problems,
asthma, and your lungs can bleed The red spots in the brain are where people crave cocaine We hope you enjoyed our presentation!
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