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Perfect Pygmy Owls

No description

jessie rigsbee

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Perfect Pygmy Owls

Characteristics 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c FUN FACT In March 1997 the pygmy owl was added to the endangered species. FUN FACTS Habitat & Shelter Pygmy owls can attack animals larger than itself. It is a carnivore and a consumer. It eats small mammals, insects, amphibians, earth worms, lizards, small birds. It hunts at night & morning. The pygmy owl attacks from tree's so it can get animals on the ground. Adaptations For Survival They have better eye-sight then hearing so they can hunt in the day.

They have false eyes to scare predators away.

They don't migrate. Characteristics Pygmy owls are reddish-brown with white streaking on the forehead and head. They are 6-7 inches in length and have bright yellow eyes. The type of pygmy owl I am doing is the Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy Owl. FUN FACT The pygmy owl is endangered
because of habitat loss and
climate change. The predators of the owl are
snakes, ravens, and crows! Perfect Pygmy owl Why Are Pygmy Owls Endangered? By,
Jessie The Pygmy owl lives in a desert habitat. It likes warm climate. It lives in southern Arizona, north western Mexico, and south western United states. It only shelters in places less than 4,000 feet and lives in tree's, cacti stumps, wood pecker holes, etc. They live in places that have lots of leaves and things to cover it up from prey. FUN FACT Since the Pygmy owl is active during the day they rely on there sense of sight to hunt. Food & adaptations FUN FACTS The Pygmy owl only weights
2.2 ounces! Pygmy owls can kill birds twice it's size. 378543 The two main reasons that the Pygmy
Owl is endangered is because of
habitat loss and climate changes.
In 2007 only 6 nests were documented.
in 2006 there was only 28 owls spotted
in Arizona and only 50 owls remain in the
Tucson and mexican border! Another reason they are endangered is because of the predators snakes, ravens, crows. We need to
help these animals by watching where they live so we can know where it is safe to cut down tree's. The average life-span of a pygmy owl is 7 years! FUN FACT FUN FACT The hoot they do makes a sound like "puk-puk-puk" THANK YOU Thanks for watching my prezi on pygmy
owls i hope you enjoyed watching it as
much as i did making it thanks for
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