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4th The Dragon's Eye Jonathan Weygand


jonathan weygand

on 26 March 2010

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Transcript of 4th The Dragon's Eye Jonathan Weygand

Dugald Steer Biography: Dugald Steer was born in North London in 1965. As a child, he was fascinated by dragons and other mythical beasts. After he graduated college, he moved to Spain for five years. When he returned to the UK, he took on the life of a writer. o Other books by Dugald Steer include "Big Bear and the Missing Mouse", "Just One More Story", and "The Night Tiger" Setting When?: Early 19th Century Where?: England Characters Daniel Cook: protagonist Beatrice Cook: protagonist's sister Dr. Ernest Drake: grandfather figure to protagonist Why I Reccomend This Book Why I like this book: I like this book because it is fun, engaging, and imaginative. Why others should read it: I think people would like this book because of the subject matter and because it is so imaginative. Credit Author bio: Wikipedia Cover Image: Google Images Summary Daniel and Beatrice Cook have just started summer vaccation and are waiting to spend the summer with their parents. Their parents don't return when they are expected to so Daniel and Beatrice are sent to stay with their parents' old teacher, Dr. Ernest Drake, who turns out to be a dragonologist. Where: England
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