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Bloomin' Brands!

No description

Ocarol Hennenberger

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Bloomin' Brands!

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli sustainability : concepts : features Bloomin' Brands concepts "No Rules, Just Right"
please the customer
casual atmosphere
quality food
friendly & fun features Australian atmosphere
generous portions
"down under" value
high quality food and service
Internationally known for award-winning steaks, USDA choice sustainability fresh, high-quality food with gluten-free options
works with Summit Energy consultant services for their approach to energy management founded and based in Tampa, Florida in 1988
over 900 locations in 21 countries
"outback" in yellow
Australian locations only in Sydney Australian beaches have palm trees... concepts "Aloha" Spirit
Asian- Hawaiian Fusion
Fine dining without the stuffy atmosphere
quality food features Spacious dining room
Expansive lounge
"down under" value
Signiature exhibition kitchen in full view sustainability Involved in Grow for Good, a national initiative from Food & Wine magazine dedicated to raising $1 million for Farm to Table, a national initiative dedicated to supporting local farms and encouraging sustainable agriculture concepts warm, festive atmosphere
fresh, handmade dishes
customers feel valued and important
dishes inspired by fresh, seasonal ingredients
passion for hospitality features lively exhibition kitchen
Curbside Carryout
Chefs take annual trip to Italy
Pizza dough to play with while waiting for your food
5th place in Forbe's Top 10 Chain Restaurants, 2011 sustainability Fresh food, most made daily from scratch; open for dinner only
Scallops harvested and shipped with no preservatives
All natural poultry, free of any preservatives
"Decreased per burner energy consumption by 50%" by reducing burners to 15,000 BTU/hr without sacrificing boil time with new inovative pots concepts founded on concept that a steakhouse can be sophisticated yet comfortable and not overpriced
engaging ambiance and lively environment
attentive and knowledgeable service features 'Fleming's 100' is an award-winning list of 100 wines by the glass
uniquely designed wine list for easy selection
nationally acclaimed restaurant
flexible large guest rooms sustainability months and days dedicated to all earth-friendly wines and organic and sustainable dishes; including November, March (for St. Patrick's day "green") and Earth day. concepts Polished casual setting
No "Unpronounceable menu"
Relax and celebrate, even if all you're celebrating is dinner
Happiness Here® features Chef-coat service
Wine display
Live music
Innovative recipes & contemporary renditions to the classics
Big City Bar® sustainability Supports and will continue to support controlled fishing regulations or laws that promote the sustainability of all fish species
Utilizes cutting-edge Aquaculture to help take the pressure off of commercial fishing
"We are very "green" when it comes to sustainability issues". wanted to move from "Crocidile Dundee" to a more authentic Australian experience
researched Outback country: colors, textures, sounds, flavors, monuments, art, people
& isolated watering holes
3 concept walls with reference photos, moodboards, sketches, stories, icons, drawings, magazine clippings, and other relevant imagery ...not the Outback. It's a desert. In 2006, Outback was ready to evolve their look and hired Brand Architecture for their new design. rendering of the new exterior elevation design rendering of the new interior entrance elevation ideas new design images
three prototypes for varied real estate strategies
new interior design, new uniforms, a new website, new brandmark and new print collateral new interior and exterior architectural details
custom aboriginal-inspired art
updated furniture and fixtures
new color palettes
new signage Imitates what most Americans belive to be the "Outback". But if you look closely... Reviews : John Mariani of Esquire, 2008 "It wasn't as awful as I thought it would be - at least not as long as the Bloomin' Onion lasted.
The Aussie theme isn't much of a motif...Lots of blond wood, big booths, TVs tuned eternally to ESPN, and
a few odd Australian artifacts.
I came to the conclusion that if the average guy and his family want to go out for a semi-expensive steak dinner, Outback will do just fine. But the bottom line is the beef at Outback simply lacks flavor." Reviews : customers on Trip Advisor, 2012 "Menu is a bit pricey, but you get a good meal in a reliable friendly place. When you know you want an Aussie experience, this is where you go." "We can always count on Outback for a great meal. The service is usually great and the steaks are dependably good." "...they have done some sprucing up, new fixtures, lights, even plates. They put in a lemonade stand to give you something to drink while you wait. But you can call ahead and they will seat you when you get there. It's not reservations, but it helps. The steaks were great as usual." Reviews : customers on Yelp, 2012 "I made a giant mistake by trying to save an extra $10 bucks. Rib steak or sushi has to be either high-end of no-end, medium quality equals cheap nasty meats.
The service was good, the meat; nasty and old. I used to like outback but I am guessing they are trying to save a buck by ordering the lower end of the cuts.
One star for food taste and quality, four stars for service." "Typical Outback with some good food selections. Good place if you're looking for a red meat fix. Good place to take the kiddies since it's more on the casual side. They have a full bar which is great with some descent brews on tap. TV in the bar area if you're interested in watching a game." "Food was good but WAY TOO NOISEY to have conversations. We typically like to be able to converse before & after the meal and we were shouting across the table." Founded in 2000 in St. Petersburg, Florida
158 restaurants located mostly along the East coast with a few locations in Washington The restaurants are approximately 5,500 SF and contain dining room seating for 220 guests 232 location in 32 states across the US, as of 2011
founded in 1886 by Johnny Carrabba and his uncle Damian Mandola
first restaurant opened in Houston, Texas a typical Carrabba's Italian Grill restaurant is a 6,300 square foot self-standing platform
includes: dining room & bar seating for 246 guests, plus seasonal patio seating many of the recipes are from Damian's mother Grace and his sister Rose Dessert Rosa interiors designed with the family kitchen in mind--"the one place everyone gathers when friends and family get together"
diners can take in the bustle of the cooks as they prepare the time-honored family recipes wood-burning pizza oven and grill the lively and interactive natural gas-fueled exhibition kitchen is the focal point of Carrabba's interior design
goal: create a comfortable neighborhood bistro environment offering several distinct dining experiences
framed prints of the Carrabba family throughout interior relaxed pasta bar on the edge of the busy exhibition kitchen
cozy bar
communal dining tables
intimate booths in the main dining room Various dining experiences include: Reviews: customers on TripAdvisor, 2012 "Great place to eat! Service was great and food was awesome also! Went just past the rushhour time and was able to be seated immediately. Atmosphere is nice, slightly loud, but not unreasonable." "Had a lovely family dinner for our
daughter's birthday. Excellent food and service
but VERY crowded." pizza dough for kids
(and adults!)
to play with "First, it is a chain...not gonna be anything but. That said, the food is tasty, fresh, and always piping hot. The bread is always fresh and plentiful, delicious dipped in the herb mix and olive oil. One constant has been the service; I have found the servers to be pleasant without being intrusive. The perfect time to go is 5:00 pm, food is fresh, hot, and the wait just doesn't exist at that time. If you are looking for genuine Italian, you're in the wrong city. If you're looking for a decent chain that serves fresh, tasty food with good service, you needn't look further." Reviews: Anderson Township customer
on UrbanSpoon,
2012 Bonefish Grill has "Left the stuffiness out" in order for patrons to have the most relaxing, fun time as possible
Features golden hardwood along with handblown glass lamps for a warm aesthetic
Three-dimensional art, ranging from large-scale metal sculptures of mangroves and fishing scenes to three large mystical fish rubbings, to attempt to enhance the ambience felt throughout the restaurant Recently named "Top Overall Restaurant," "Best Seafood," "Top Service," "Top Rated Food," "Top Healthy Options" and "Top Rated Facilities" Reviews: customers on Epinion, 2012 The creators and chefs are dedicated to freshness Pros: Professional service. Good menu.
Cons: Prices are too high for the lunch crowd. Pros: Great Service, Nice atmosphere
Cons: Over salted food, small entrees, unbalanced flavors. Not at all worth the $$$. Pros: Reasonable Italian bread
Cons: Tables crowded together. Acoustics bad. Noisy to the point, conversation not possible. "Bar-Fresh" policy
Fresh squeezed juices and fine herbs used in cocktail creations
regionally-sourced beers and small-batch bourbons The music we play is intended to introduce "new flavors" along with the classics that simply make you smile
Features a variety of emerging artists that you won't hear every day and famous artists, singing both the familiar and not so familiar Reviews : customers on About.com, 2012 "The Bonefish Grill does not feel like a chain restaurant. The decor provides a cozy setting with sleek design features such as beautiful golden hardwood floors and hand-blown glass lamps. The dining room is spacious and there is a large bar area with community tables. " "I have been to BFG a couple times now and for the price it is NOT worth it! The bang bang shrimp is very good but that is the only thing positive about this place." Reviews : customers on Yelp, 2012 "One of the few chain restaurants that delivers excellent food, excellent quality, and great service! " "Overall, great staff and cozy experience. It was darker than what I expected but not bad. I get the vibe that they are trying very much to be seen as upscale and trendy; another side note is that there are many tables with little space in between. Downside for me." "Don't let the fact that it is a chain restaurant deceive you, their seafood is just as great as that in a swanky, expensive seafood restaurant anywhere else in Miami. Give them a try, I am sure you will not regret it!" ` launched in California in 1998 by Paul Fleming and Bill Allen, both successful restaurant idustry veterans
62 restaurants nationwide
most recent addition in Austin, Texas nationally acclaimed restaurants
premier destination for food and wine lovers
new Austin location: 7,558 square feet, seats 225 guests,private dining room seats 60 and can be configured in multiple ways 'Fleming's 100' - award winning list of 100 wines
Reserve List - over 80 limited wines, sold exclusively by the bottle
unique and progressive wine list that is prganized first by grape variety, then according to body and flavor intensity within that type
list flows naturally from lighter to more full-flavored wines engaging ambiance and lively environment to enjoy great food and a broad selection of fine wine
wine program is core of the dining experience & point of distinction from other steakhouses
wine and tremendous food is the key to creating a memorable experience interior perfectly blends traditional steakhouse dining with warm and contemporary environment
subtle touches of flowers, gorgeous china and hand-blown stemware Austrin, TX restaurant:
displays fine art from world renowned Thomas Arvid (one of America's most sought after artists among wine and art aficionados)
open dining room is surrounded by an exhibition kitchen and expansive bar
energized atmosphere for enjoyment among friends, family or business associates "Great Atmosphere! Great Steaks! Great Service! What else can you say. I can't give it 5 stars just because I don't believe anyone is perfect. I do like how they run chef specials that aren't normally on the menu. I enjoyed a giant 18 oz Bone in NY Strip. Cooked perfectly! My wife enjoyed the Sip and Savor deal where you get an extra large pour of wine (4 selections to chose from) a 8oz Filet with asparagus and cream sauce. It was fantastic. We had a great experience and will come back again!" Reviews: customers from Austin, TX on Yelp, 2013 I used to love this place and considered it one of my top three.
It's off my list, and I'm not going back for a long, long time. Service at the bar was pathetic. Bartenders were more interested in socializing with other bartenders and the waiters and watching the ball game on TV than taking care of customers.
Moreover, I was never so disgusted by the way this place now tolerates the way people dress. It was like they put up a sign, "slobs welcome". Part of a restaurant experience is the ambiance. A place that wants to present itself as high-end needs to have a sign posted "Proper Attired Only" and then enforce the policy. If you are the kind of person who likes to dine in sleeveless tee-shirts and dirty blue jeans, by all means, this is the place for you. Otherwise, go to one of the other fine steakhouses in town that has good food and shows some pride in itself. Reviews: customer from Dayton, OH on Yelp, 2012 "We've dined there several times. While pricey, the service is tremendous and the food, wonderful. Their steak and chicken are both fantastic, and always cooked to perfection. The chocolate celebration cake we were given on our last trip was the best chocolate cake I've ever had. Service is classy yet still warm and friendly. I can't ask for better." Reviews: customers on Urban Spoon, 2012 "Nice atmosphere but
no dress code (Does anybody have a dress code these days?) We usually go for a special occasion and try to dress up-but folks in shorts, jeans, tee shirts!!" "We dined on a last minute reservation. The meal was phenomenal...service was great. I couldn't have asked for anything more except for a stretcher to roll me out. Everyone says this place is expensive but obviously they have no concept of high quality food." Reviews : Zagat, 2012 "Perfect for meeting up with friends. The drinks are fun & unique; food prices are very reasonable and since they don't mind if you share plates it makes it one of the more cost-effective places to meet-eat-and-drink without having to succumb to lesser chains. " "Crowded and noisy. Nothing special about the seafood." In 1988, James Beard Award-winner Roy Yamaguchi opened the first Roy's in Honolulu, Hawaii
There are 31 Roy's locations around the world—23 in the continental U.S., six in Hawaii, one in Japan and one in Guam In Hawaii, there are two things of equal importance—food and the "aloha" spirit.
The blending of these two dynamic principles is how Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine was born The restaurant was designed around a unique experience through spacious dining rooms, an expansive lounge and Roy’s signature exhibition kitchen in full view.
The versatile private dining rooms may be equipped with comprehensive presentation equipment and include hard-wired T1 lines. Combines the freshest local ingredients with European sauces and bold Asian spices
Roy's restaurants feature the finest seafood, with a focus on delicacies from the oceans surrounding Hawaii Reviews : customers on Trip Advisor, 2012 "The chain restaurant's casually elegant interior is inspired by famed chef Roy Yamaguchi's Hawaiian roots---an open kitchen, tile floors, exposed wood and woven sea grass ceiling, handcrafted wrought iron and bright red and yellow fabrics." "Everything was aesthetically pleasing, we sat under big straw umbrellas strung with lights. Plus there was a hook to put my purse on. I'm a big fan of the convenient.." Reviews : customers on Yelp, 2012 "We were instantly greeted by a friendly hostess and she checked us off her reservation list. The atmosphere is upscale and classy, but not pretentious. Our server was very friendly and helpful." "I love coming to Roy's for special occasions - they really know how to add those special touches. Most recently, came here with my husband for our anniversary, and they personalized our menu and gave us a complimentary dessert." Reviews : customers on Trip Advisor, 2012 "Hands down, the best Roy's experience we have ever had. Hoku and team were our servers and the service goes down as one of the Top 5 restaurant experiences of all time." "We were seated at a window table that offered a great view of Waikiki. The environment was very warm and conversation was kept at low so you could enjoy a conversation with your guest."
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