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Microteaching Lesson

No description

Victoria Trackemas

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Microteaching Lesson

East Park Elementary Prezi
Projector and Document Camera Pedagogy-Content
The students within my PDS class were interested in growing plants, so I decided to build upon student interest, but add content to the fun aspect of the lesson. After discussing the idea with my mentor teacher, Mrs. Mapel, she confirmed that I could teach a review lesson on photosynthesis to the class. Post presentation and class discussion, students' were given the opportunity to plant sunflower seeds. The class created control groups (no water, no CO2, no sunlight, and no nutrients [soil]), to test how a plant will grow without certain key elements of photosynthesis. The phrase "April showers bring May flowers" was discussed during the presentation to make the lesson relevant to the current weather for the month: April = Rain (water). Students discussed how and what types of foods plants would eat. This lesson also provides cross curriculum content. Students will be writing about their discoveries in the Science journals. You could also use the plants to have students measure heights, and graph data on a bar or line graph. After the lesson, students assembled diagrams of plants using stickers, pipe cleaners, felt, and ribbon for the parts, labeling them, and listing the 4 elements necessary for photosynthesis, or for plants to create energy (food). Technology-Pedagogy For my microteaching lesson, I chose to show the class a Prezi presentation I created on plants and photosynthesis. The prezi had a tree template which I used to place different concepts about plants and photosynthesis on: Foundation, Drive, Structure, and Results. I used the laptop and the projector to view the Prezi for students, while they sat at their seats. Students were given the option to sit in their seats, move to a different spot to see better, or to sit on their desks. I provided the students with the different slides, and prompted students to describe the pictures and their purpose throughtout the presentation. I also asked many questions to have the students participate in discussion, attempting to choose different students for responses. Using the prezi and projector allowed all students to view the presentation and gave all students the oppurunity to participate in discussion. Within the Prezi, I included a cartoon video clip within the Prezi to give students a "brain break" while still providing educational content. I had intended to also use the document camera in the lesson to show student the steps for planting their sunflower seeds, however, due to time, I opted not to set up the document camera or use it.
Technology Pedagogy-Content
The technology used in this lesson enabled students to have a very visual experience of the process of photosynthesis. Students were able to view many different diagrams on the prezi for plant structure (the four parts of a plant), and the elements necessary for photosynthesis. The visuals allowed students to see and also to discuss how a plant receives these different elements, during the process of photosynthesis, in relation to the difference parts of the plant (stem, roots, leaves, and flower). I chose to use the projector, laptop, and a Prezi presentation to teach this lesson, because I felt that it would be something new the students haven't seen, it is animated (can keep students' attention), enables all students to view and participate in discussion, and because these are the technology that is easily accessible to the class and readily available. I would definitely like to use the document camera when presenting how to plant the sunflower seeds, next time, because I believe this will help students to see the steps and provide a clearer example of the process. Overall, the Prezi enabled all of the different ideas behind photosynthesis to be viewed as one unit, in different ways (visually, auditory, and linguistically) . Allowing students to sit on desks during the lesson provides a reward for the students for participating and listening. Victoria Trackemas WhoOo0o knows
how we could use
this technology? Prezi is a free tool! Document cameras and projectors can be expensive! Possible Solution: To teach a lesson on plants and photosynthesis: Technology Prezi is a website designed to enable members to create animated slideshow presentations. Prezi is similar to PowerPoint, however, allows the user the zoom feature, enabling the presentation to follow a path pattern and create the idea of a "big picture". All of the ideas can be presented on the same screen. The web address for the site is www.prezi.com, and it is free to create an account. Prezi saves all of your presentations online for you to access, and also allows the user to share Prezis and view Prezis from other members of the site.

Document cameras, also known as "visualizers", can be used to capture the picture of a document placed under the camera and, when connected with a laptop and projector, can produce the image for a group to view on a larger surface. Document cameras are also helpful when explaining "how-to" instructions for a group. The activity, if it requires close detail, can take place under the
document camera, while simultaneously being projected for all to see. Popular brands include: Samsung, WolfVision,
Elmo, Lumens, and many more.

Two essential elements to think Microteaching lesson. These are necessary connections for all of the technology
used in the lesson. A laptop was used to create the Prezi, the document camera was connected to the laptop
and projector, and the laptop and projector were also used to present the Prezi. This presentation is an example of a Prezi!

Document Camera:

Laptop & Projector:

At my PDS, the third grade classroom has a small technology center available within the room I observe. Some of the technology available includes:
*A projector
*Document Camera
*Radio/CD player
*4 desktop computers
My mentor teacher also frequently uses her personal laptop for planning/implementing lessons.
The school has a school set of laptops for students, however, due to demand, these are only available for certain hours of the day. Where/What technology is available at East Park?
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