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BV's Crepes

No description

Joe Vbosch

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of BV's Crepes

BV's Crepes Manipulating Supply

1. The Prices of Eggs, Flour, Milk, and Sugar are at an all time low.

2. The weather has been very good, making the crops grow well.

3. Crepe businesses have not reached Michigan yet so there is very little competition. Therefore people will come to us for their crepes. Manipulating Demand

1. Prices of pancakes are higher than prices of crepes, making the demand go up.

2. Crepes can be made with different fillings to suit the tastes and prefrences of the buyer, making the demand of Crepes go up. Our Crepes can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our new crepes have been proven to give you a good source of protein, as well as making your mental skills rise through the roof. Andrew Baker even eats Crepes, it must be cool BUY YOUR CREPES
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