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Library Presentation

Promotions, Ideas and More

SP Mullen

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of Library Presentation


Morris Library: Student Worker

Olympia CUSD#16~District Librarian
Programming: Past Successes & Future Ideas
Survivor: Island of the Abe's
Family Reading Fun Night
Increase access to information and technology use by expanding and updating the Sparta - Library Media Center Web Site.
Berlin Wall Project
Library Programs:
Olympia High School
Abraham Lincoln Book Award
Most Successful Reading Promotion
Funded by ISLMA Grant
Increased Abe Lincoln books circulation by an unprecedented 800%
Chester Grade School: 2 Family Reading Fun Nights Yearly
Centered around a Reading Theme
200 - 300 students, parents, teachers and community members
Refreshments, Literature-based games, Prizes
Teen Read Week: Digital Photo Contest & Book Gems
Read a Lincoln: Win a Lincoln
Teen Tech Week Trivia & High Tech Treasure Hunt
Earth Day Logo Design Contest
Battle of the Books
200th Anniversary: Lincoln's Birthday
Earth Day: Recycled Art Contest
Picture It: Create a digital version of your favorite book cover'
Books with Bite: photo contest including both themes: books with bite and nutrition.
Map Other Worlds: Create maps or models of your favorite fictional worlds: create a map of Hogwarts, or Middle Earth, or Panem, or the Seven Kingdoms from Graceling.
Create New Realities: Read books that take place outside of our reality and then explain why that reality would be a better or worse place to live than our own. Enter in any of the following formats: video, photostory, poster, paragraph or idea of your own.

Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall
Week long cross-curricular project @ the Library
Culminating Event for entire school on Friday: activities, contests, refreshments and "graffiti" Berlin Wall activity.
Tech Education Wiki: http://hcltechhelp.wikispaces.com/
Technology training for students and staff
Student & Teacher Book Clubs
iTunes U: Vision 20/20 & Common Core Technology
Teaching Collaboratively: http://ohs.olympia.org/parents__students/o_h_s_library_media_center/research_assignment_pathways/
Information Literacy: http://ohs.olympia.org/parents__students/o_h_s_library_media_center/information_literacy/
Chester CUSD#139~ District Librarian
Student Worker
Inner Library Loan Department
First Library Work
Retrieved and filled requests from OCLC
Service: 2006 - present
Positions: District Librarian ~ 10 years, Journalism Teacher ~ 2 years,
& School Improvement Team ~ 6 years.
Duties: manage budgets, organize resources, stock maintenance, promotions and events, curriculum development, book talks, creative book displays and bulletin boards, book club, staff training & presentations, finding and providing quality resources, managing staff, acquiring funding through grants and community resources, maintaining and upgrading systems and technology.

Thank you
Service: 1992 ~ 2005
K-12 District Librarian: 13 Years,
High School Language Arts teacher: 3 Years,
School Improvement Team: 3 Years,
Junior High Computer Teacher: 6 Years
Duties: Managed and supervised two libraries, Story Time, Puppet Shows, Accelerated Reader Administrator,
Family Fun Night Coordinator,
Channel One Coordinator,
Gifted Grant Manager, and more.
Initial Goal:
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