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french and indian war

No description

jon pumarejo

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of french and indian war

The French and Indian
war was fought between England,American colonies,
the french and some indians in north America for the north american territory. sh3: explain primary causes of the american revolution. (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr The french and indian war lasted about seven years
in North America. The french and indian war was considered one of the bloodiest war in American colonial history. It all began in 1754
when the French and the British soldiers were fighting to see who would take over the Ohio valley, the Ohio valley was important because it gave fur traders cities and ports on the East coast. They also wanted the Mississippi river which was the entry point to the frontier in the west A group of British and american soldiers that were led by twenty two year old named George Washington attacked the French at fort Dequesne. After that Washington's soldiers surrendered to the french and later on the french defeated a second British military force and when the news about that got to England the war was officially declared! The first phase of the war did not go well for the british when the british soldiers tried to attack on the french which led to the british getting defeated every time they tried the british were afraid of the french and the indians that fought with them because there attacks were brutal and they burned and destroyed everything in their path. The war turned for the british after they asked William Pitt to take over the operations. Pitt believed that they couldn't afford to lose the war so he committed more troops to the war and he also replaced old leaders with younger ones he also supplied local authorities and promised to pay them for there work . The british luck started to change when they captured the city of Louisbourg in Canada then they blocked the st. Lawrence seaway witch stopped french trade into inland towns. British commander James Wolfe sent his troops up a hill to attack the french by surprise in that battle wolfe and the french commander were both killed that when the british started gaining control of Montreal
and in 1763 the war ended because of the treaty of Paris. questions?
when did the french and indian war begin?
when did the war end?
what ended the war ?
who led the british better than Washington?
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