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Performing Arts Business Unit 3

No description

Julia Raich

on 25 September 2011

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Transcript of Performing Arts Business Unit 3

Job roles in Rising Horizons Theatre Company
Marketing manager
Costume hire
Co operator
Prop and Costume
Stage Crew
Hair and
A person responsible for the financial and administrative aspects of a stage, film, television, or radio production; the person who exercises general supervision of a production and is responsible chiefly for raising money, hiring technicians and artists, etc., required to stage a play, make a motion picture, or the like.
The person responsible for the interpretive aspects of a stage, film, or television production; the person who supervises the integration of all the elements, as acting, staging, and lighting, required to realize the writer's conception.
The Administrator is a person who takes care of all the desk work. He/she makes sure that everyone knows where do they have to be and at what time, answers the calls and make orders.
An actor communicates a character and situations to an audience through speech, body language and movement. This usually involves interpreting the work of a writer under the instruction and support of a director, although some work may require the actor to improvise the reactions of a character to a situation.
An essential skill for theatre stage managers is people management, as it is their role to coordinate all aspects of a theatre company to ensure the successful delivery of the performance.

This involves managing rehearsals, actors, technicians, props and costume fittings, as well as liaising with front of house staff and the director.

A stage manager needs to have a good understanding of both the technical and artistic elements of a performance so that they can ensure it is delivered exactly to the director’s requirements. They will be involved from the rehearsal stage through to the live performances, where they will be on hand to deal with any emergencies or issues that may hinder the show.
A wardrobe manager supervises the making, buying, hiring and maintenance of costumes, accessories and wigs. They also control the budget for these items.

Stage crew members, also frequently called stagehands, work behind the scenes during theatrical, music or other live performances to ensure scene changes and other tasks are done correctly and at the right times. Stage crew members may work many different positions backstage, including helping with props (handheld items the actors carry onstage), costume changes or the fly rail (items that are raised and lowered on a counterweighted rope system, known as a "fly"). The position may also require general labor such as sweeping and mopping the stage
The Hair and Make-up Department is responsible for the design, application, continuity and care of hair and make-up during feature film production or a stage play production. They are a key component in the overall design of a film or a theatre production.

A dresser is in charge of the costumes worn by actors during stage, movie or television performances or tapings. As part of the wardrobe department, she makes sure all wardrobes are in good condition and readily available for quick changes during production. Her job requires her to assist actors in changing costumes during a performance by helping them in and out of clothing, jewelry, shoes and accessories.
The person who books the tour; flights, accomodation, performance places, catering and tour timetable. He makes sre that accomodation is not far from perofmance places and that the performers will have the transport available at all times.

The financial officer of a company is the person who is in charge of finances, accounting and investment activities of the company.
The financial officer's duties include administration of the financial system, employee pay records and benefits and approval of payouts. This includes monitoring all expenses and budgets within the company to comply with approved policies.
A company's success relies heavily on the effectiveness of its marketing. Marketing identifies potential products and the customers who are most likely to buy them, communicates the availability and benefits of these products, and motivates customers in target markets to buy (either other businesses, government agencies or individual consumers). Marketing managers plan and implement marketing campaigns constantly, always looking for new ways to identify potential customers and promote brand awareness to bring in sales leads.
A choreographer is a professional performance artist who designs and communicates sequences of movement through dance, either for a solo dancer, pair of dancers or an entire company of dancers, most often set to music or other forms of rhythm such as drums. Prior to the 1950s, a choreographer was referred to as a person who created or staged dances.
The role of the lighting designer (or LD) within theatre is to work with the director, choreographer, set designer, costume designer, and sound designer to create an overall 'look' for the show in response to the text, while keeping in mind issues of visibility, safety and cost. The LD also works closely with the stage manager on show control programming, if show control systems are used in that production. Outside of the theatre the job of a Lighting Designer can be much more diverse and they can be found working on rock and pop tours,corporate launches, art installation and on massive celebration spectaculars, for example the Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies.
Costume designers create accessories and clothing for television, film, and theater. They work closely with the producer and director to enhance the production’s quality. Costume designers sketch clothing ideas and choose appropriate fabrics and colors. Costume designers also manage the wardrobe/costume budget.
A vocal coach is a music teacher who instructs singers on how to improve their singing technique, take care of and develop their voice, and prepare for the performance of a song or other work. Vocal coaches may give private music lessons to singers, or they may coach singers who are rehearsing on stage, or who are singing during a recording session. Vocal coaches are used in both Classical music and in popular music styles such as rock and gospel. While some vocal coaches provide a range of instruction on singing techniques, others specialize in areas such as breathing techniques or diction and pronunciation.
In general, sound engineers operate machines and equipment to record, synchronize, or reproduce music, voices, or sound effects in sporting arenas, theater productions, or movie and video productions.
Sound engineers report equipment problems and insure that required repairs are made. They also assemble and adjust recording equipment for recording sessions and live performances; tear down equipment after event completion. Equally important, sound engineers have to record speech and other sounds on recording media, using recording equipment. They are often called upon to regulate volume level and sound quality during recording sessions, using control consoles. They are expected to mix and edit voices, music, and taped sound effects for live performances and for prerecorded events, using sound mixing boards. Finally, sound engineers get ready for recording sessions by performing efforts such as selecting and setting up microphones.
Costume hire co-operator is a person who hires costumes from different companies for the time of the performances. He/she is responsible for giving the costumes back in the right time. They are responsible for finding costumes that will suit the play and will fit the actors well.
Director, administrator, finance officer, marketing manager, tour booker.
Actors, Choreographer, Stage manager, sound operator, lightning operator, hair and make up artist, administrator.
Stage manager
Stage crew member, dresser, actors, sound operator, lightning designer, dresser, prop and costume manager, director, administrator.
Choreographer, singing coach, dresser, stage manager,
director, administrator, prop and costume manager, hair and make up artist.
sound operator, director, actors, lightning designer, administrator.
Singing coach
Actors, director, sound operator, administrator
Lightning designer
director, administrator, actors
Sound operator
director, singing coach, administrator, actors, choreographer
Singing coach
sound operator, actors, administrator, director
Prop and
costume manager
stage manager, actors, dresser, administrator
Hair and make up
actors, director, administrator
Costume designer
Costume hire
co operator
administrator, director, costume hire co operator
finance officer, administrator, costume hire co operator
Tour booker
Stage crew member
stage crew member, stage manager, actors, prop and costume manager, administrator
finance officer, producer, administrator
dresser, administrator, lighting designer, sound operator, stage manager
Marketing manager
producer,administrator, actors

Tour Booker
We will need someone who will make sure that
we will have a place to stay in cyprus, transport to and from the performance places, flights booked, catering planned out and who will make sure that all the additional activities do not conflict with the performances times. The tour booker is one of the most important people when planning on going on a tour.
In Cyprus he would make sure that we know when and where we are performing,he would find out how can we get to this place and order a transport for us if it would be needed.Also he would contact with organizers.
Finance Officer
administrator, producer, tour booker, costume hir cooperator
Stage manager
In Cyprus he would make sure that actors and technicians attend rehearsals,that they are doing exactly what director wants.Then he would make sure that each show runs smoothly and without problems.
We will definiatley have some dances involved in the performance and a choreographer has to be with us in the tour because we will be doing rehearsals in between perofrmances and we need someone to make sure that all the dancers are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Also a choreographer will be a good person to evaluate each performance and give a formative feedback to the dancers. We will also need a choreographer on the tour in case of any injuries that can happen to dancers, in that case a choreographer would change the dance routine so that it will look professional and good even if one of the dancers cannot be involved in a performance.
Singing coach
Costume Designer
As we are doing musical we will need someone to instruct us how to sing different songs.
We won't need a costume designer with us on the tour, but this operson is very important in preparation for a tour. He or she will design/ think of possible clothing that the performers will wear through out the time of a show. He/she will have to make sure that the costumes will be not only apropriate to the storyline of a performance but also as comfortable as possible because the performers will have to be able to move easily in them on the stage, they cannot look awkward or incomfortable because it will distract the adience from the actual performance/story.
Lightning designer
He/She will set and control the lights for our show.Make sure that all spotlights are on the right place and blackouts are on time.
Prop and costume manager
In Cyprus we will need someone to look after our props and costumes,make sure that they are on the right place during the show,that everything is ok with them and after the show he would collect them and make sure that nothing is missed.
Actors are propably the most important people when going on a performing arts tour because those are the people who will appear on the stage and who will entertain. Witout them the tour would be impossible. Actors will have to make sure that they will stay focused through out the tour because nothing makes a bad tour as much as an actor who does not do their job right. The actors will have to also be dancers or singers or even both because we are going to present a musical. The actors will have to keep practising their scrypts in their free time and rehearse the performance. They will have to remember that they have travelled so far not for a holiday but to do their work.
Hair and make-up artist
They role i Cyprus trip would be to help actors to do they hair and make-up as director wanted that means appropriate to the role and play.
Costume hire cooperator
Marketing Manager
We won't reaaly need him on tour,but we would need him before to order our costumes,make sure that they fit us and that they are appropriate for the show.
In my opinion it is very important to have a dresser on our trip,because he really helps actors during the show to change their costumes fast,sometimes actors need to change in 30 seconds and it is impossible to do without dresser.
We will need marketing manager in Cyprus because we will do the performances in different places and in some we will need to make sure that we will have an audience. A marketing manager will do the jobs such as, making and giving out the leaflets and posters about our shows time, place and theme/subject/title. He will also promote our college, city and cauntry.
We will need a director in Cyprus because this is the person whos idea is going to be put in a performance and so that he will have to be with us to make sure that everything goes to the plan. Eventually he can also make some changes to the scrypt, movements etc. if it is necessary. He is main person when it comes to the creative part of a tour. He has to be there so that he can make sure that the actors are doing their best in the performance and that the show is going to be a succes.
Stage Crew Member
Stage crew member also known as a stage hand is a person who we will need because of the technical side of the tour. This person will be there whenever something will need fixing or whenever stage manager will need help with something. He is someone who does all the little thing that everone else can't or do not have the time to do. He will help with the setting, costime changes, packing up after the performance, making sure that all the wires are in the right place and that the sound and lightning will work perfectly. Also he makes sure that the performance area is safe and clean.
Sound Operator
This person will take care of all the tasks involved with the sound in the time of a performance. He will operate the sound when the actors will be on the stage or even when they will be off stage if it is necessary. He will have to make sure that all the microfones and speakers work properly before each performance. Sound operator will have to know every act of the performance because he operates all the sound effects involved in the show. He has to work with the volume as well, because the volume of each actors voice has to be simular so that the show is enjoyable for the audience.
The producer does not necessary have to travel with us to Cyprus, but he will have to work out if the tour is going to be affordable and if it is going to bring some income to the companys budget. A producer has to be with conctact with the director, administator and a finance officet through out the whole time, so that he knows exactly what is happening in the Cyprus, if everything is going to a accorgind to a plan.
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