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College English Teaching

Syllabus and Introduction

jang akia

on 15 January 2016

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Transcript of College English Teaching

Aims and Functions of College Education
Aims of the college and university....
The Role of College Education in Philippine Society
Functions of College Education
Who is the College Teacher?
Approaches in
College English Teaching

Parents look to college education as the passport to a better job, ultimately to a better life.
College education has always been looked upon as the main source of potential leaders in various fields of endeavor in the country.
Industry has depended much on the output of college education for its manpower needs.
Many students do not consider their education complete unless they have finished a college degree
" It shall be the function of the college and university to prepare the students for various professions, which require a high degree of technical competence and a generous amount of liberal education, to train leaders in the arts and sciences; to communicate through original works to the world's common legacy of culture; and to promote independent thinking in the interest of freedom, learning and truth." -
Article XIV, Section 5 of the Constitution of 1935
It is the function of the college or university to provide students with quality education
It is the function of the college
or university to preserve, enhance,
and transmit the cultural
heritage of the race
It is also the function of higher education to provide students technical and professional skills so that they get better jobs in the end improving their standard of living and attaining better lives
Higher education is also tasked with the complex job of educating students for civic responsibility and full development of their full potential
Finally, higher education should develop in the students love for research for a deeper understanding of nature and fundamental inquiry
According to Ken Bain, the author of
What the Best College Teachers Do
[Harvard University Press, 2004], the actual
classroom performance of teachers is not
the most important ingredient.
Instead it's “how they understand what they teach.”
Bain took on a fifteen-year study of the subject looking closely at a number of college teachers who met two major criteria:
Most of the students in the class were highly satisfied by the teaching and inspired to learn more.
Most students in the class learned what was important to the discipline.
Considering the teaching elements studied in Bain’s book and suggested by professors who work closely with teaching resource centers at colleges and universities, here is a list of what many educational professionals would consider five steps to becoming a good college teacher.
Good college teachers are experts in their field, know their disciplines, and seek new knowledge without hesitation.
They see the importance of students learning core material, but also believe the material must fit into a larger understanding and they seek to find unique ways to impress this upon students.
Good college teachers connect with their students. They find ways to motivate, to approach the classroom work in a positive manner, and instill confidence in students.
Good college teachers listen to their students. They adjust lessons to the needs of the students, they are not afraid to be wrong or challenged, and they allow for an open and honest learning environment.
Responsibility to Himself
The progressive college teacher owes it to himself to grow professionally either through systematic and productive reading or through further graduate studies.
Responsibility to his Discipline
Most college teachers teach subjects that are considered disciplines and some make significant contributions to their discipline in the form of new discoveries or researches
Responsibility to the Administration
He has the responsibility to cooperate with administration in carrying out policies and practices of school.
Responsibility to his Colleagues
He must participate in faculty meetings, seminars,workshops not only in his discipline, but also in others so that he can improve academic policies and offer better solutions to problems in his own discipline.
Responsibility to his students
A college teacher should contribute positively to the intellectual, social, moral, economic and spiritual, personal development of his students.
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