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"Holocaust survivor stories"

Insun kim 9A

insun kim

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of "Holocaust survivor stories"

"Holocaust survivor stories"
The Holocaust was a unique event in 20th century history.
It developed slowly between 1933 and 1945. It began with discrimination.Then the Jews were separated from their communities and persecuted.And finally they were treated as less than human beings and murdered.

Freda Reider

9A Insun kim

The Jews

We had dreams
But we had no hope
Because We Are Jews

Jews are Starving
Yelling and Crying
Because We Are Jews

Every moment people died
We are all terrified
Because We Are Jews

Our life is like a hell
We did not anything wrong
But we don’t have any choice
Because We Are Jews

I can hear people are screaming like a beast
I can feel their pain
But we have no power
Because We Are Jews

I want to wake up from this terrible dream quickly.

Because We Are Jews.

Freda Reider was born on January 10, 1930 in Austria. She lived with her two sisters and her mother and father as the only Jewish family in their compound.And she grew up with no toys or any material entertainment, so she enjoyed fantasy games and going to the park.
When the Anschluss occurred, she changed over night and matured significantly , even as a nine year old.
Her father was imprisoned during Kristallnacht when German Nazis attacked Jews and property.
The name Kristallnacht refers ironically to the litter of broken glass left in the streets after these pogroms.
And her family realized they needed to leave the country fast. They received a visa in Vienna and then left Austria for Genoa, Italy. They stayed three weeks and then they left for America.
In America, Freda encountered many obstacles concerning her lack of education as well as cultural and language barriers.
She overcame those obstacles and ended up graduating high school at the age of 17.
And now, She is married and had three sons. Also she is an artist living in San Francisco.

Holocaust survivor,
Freda Reider's life
I think the most important events in the survivor’s life is Anschluss.
An Anschluss is political union of Austria with Germany , achieved through annexation by Adolf Hitler in 1938.
The reason why Anschluss is important experience is it changes her whole life.
Before the Anschluss happened, it was an ordinary day. And in the morning when she woke up, they were awakened by the most amazing noise that was going on outside.
And on that same morning, that they went out to see the parade of the Nazis coming into Baden, her best friend, who was a little boy that she played with all her life.
His mother threw a bucket of garbage on her head and called her a “filthy Jew.”
And there was this great welcome for the Nazis and heard the booming scream of a whole city, except the Jews who were frightened and hiding.

Important events in
Freda Reider’s life
wearing prison uniform
identification number

skinny- not enough food
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