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School District Technology Deployment Plan

No description

Barrie Adleberg

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of School District Technology Deployment Plan

Motivating Principals to Collaborate: School District Technology Deployment Plan Barrie Adleberg, Rachel Goldberg, Mika Kawashima,
Corey McKeon, Molly Nelson & Ned Prutzer
Help principals help each other and the District Our Goal Encourage teamwork Provide opportunities for collaboration How? Plan for the Principals Communities of practice Incentives and Goals Goal tracking
Shared Vision Problem: Resistance to technology Result: Principals are motivated to use technology
Action: Collaboration through Communities of Practice Robust investment in technology infrastructure
Highly skilled education professionals
Strong curriculum

Under-utilization of existing technology
Missed opportunities for cross-department collaboration
Reticence toward new technology
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