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No description

Prexel Union

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of ROTTEN

Most human beings spent there time in the depths of there advanced technological city...
But what they did not realise is that a new rare type of fungi has recently been introduced into the forest ALEDRINO.
with out any humans interupting the fungi's development in evolution, the fungi spread and spread until it reached noticability by the humans...
a man named yachusika went on a camping trip with his best friend deraseki....

Little did both of them know,they were about to be held guilty for unleashing a horrible virus into the human civilization...
after 2 hours of driving on the bumpy dirt road,yachusika accidently crashed his car into an oak tree and went flying through the windshield of his car...

Yachusaki managed to live but unfortunetly his friend derasaki's head was jammed into the dashboard of the passenger side of his car...
Realising yachusaki was unable to move,he layed there defenseless with not a single living human being 3 miles from where he was...

staring at the sun as he felt his stomach eating away his body fat,lying there with no hope of survival,yachusaki spotted a strange small mushroom he has never seen before him popping out of the ground 4 inches beside his dirty,blood smuthered face.
Desperate for survival,yachusaki yanked the mushroom out from the ground and did not hesitate for a second to fit it into his mouth,as he swallowed down the unknown plant,yachusaki realised he had made a terrible mistake.

In the edge of canada's harbour,a small group of fisherman spotted a deformed man wondering out from the woods at a slow yet steady pace.As the deformed man aproached the fisherman, one of them spoke up and asked him if he was alright.The man did not respond but instead stared at them while slowing down to a halt.
Terrified, the small group of men started to sprint back into the city.
The creature roared in a disturbing manor and chased after the group of fisherman...
With great effort,the fungi polluted human caught up to one of the fisherman and threw him to the ground and began to tear into his chest...
As the anarchy grew and the infection spread,there quickly appeared to be more fungi polluted people then us normal human beings.
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