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Tornadoes By Ella S and Nikki

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 27 November 2015

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Transcript of Tornadoes By Ella S and Nikki

By Ella Salter and Nicola Marini
Posed Questions
Where do
these tornadoes occur?
Tornadoes damage the environment and break both buildings and forests. Tornadoes also kill animals both wild and domestic, which negatively affects the environment and food chain. Tornadoes destroy farms which means food shortages for days or weeks because the crops have been uprooted or pulled out of the ground easily from the tornadoes and strong winds or livestock have been killed. In Conclusion, tornadoes pose a huge threat to property and life.
What factors contribute to and trigger tornadoes?
How are these communities affected and how do they adapt their life to pursue the needs of living through a tornado?
Tornado Alley
Tornado Alley
Tornado Alley is located in the United States of America and covers the areas of Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, lowa, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana. More than 500 tornadoes occur each year in this Alley and it is the most prone to tornadoes of any place in the world. Tornado Alley is not really an alley and the cause of this area being so susceptible is that there is a mixture of cold dry air, warm moist air and warm dry air. Tornadoes are formed by warm, moist air rises from the ground and meets cold, dry air. From this a vortex is created, descending form a storm cloud and the vortex makes contact with the ground, updraft then draws in more air from there which rises while rotating. The tornado then spins at speed, creating a destructive force of air and debris.
What impact do tornadoes have on humans?
Tornadoes have a tragic impact on humans and their everyday lives and tornadoes can cause abrupt ends to human lives. Tornadoes are lethal and rate fourth worst weather pattern in the United States which is where Tornado Alley is.
What impact do tornadoes have on the economy?
This natural phenomenon has great power over the economy. The most money in the United States spent in one year was an estimated 27 billion dollars in insurance claims in 2011. This is an extremely large amount of money and was only spent through the time frame of one year. From this example you can surely see how much of an influence tornadoes have over money.
Warm moist air, warm dry air and cold, dry air are all contributing factors which work together to cause tornadoes by drawing in and mixing the different temperatures of air together. This then creates a vortex which, before it makes contact with the ground is called a mesocyclone. This is the result of a tube of air being brought upwards then cool, dry air wraps around the back of the mesocyclone, this is called a rear flank downdraft. The different temperatures of air then produces insecurity allowing the tornado to flourish. This semi-formed tornado then grows stronger and more powerful with the bottom getting narrow causing a gain in speed. IF (this is a big if) the vortex is strong enough to reach the ground it then turns into tornado and forms a link between the storm that spawned it and the earth. When temperature differences disappear, conditions grow more stable, the moisture in the air dries up and the storm looses momentum the conditions clear.
What changes occur to the Earth's Surface as a result of a Tornado?
Tornadoes can remove layers of soil from the Earth's surface. This and the loss of plants caused by tornadoes can lead to major erosion and damage to the Earth. The Earth is also affected through the loss of population and animals. The destruction of animal lives will lead to more endangered species with there already being a whopping 16 306 animals already in that position. Water and air pollution are extremely unethical doings of tornadoes. Dirt and debris from the damaged and collapsed infrastructures and buildings will circulate in the environment, resulting in water and air pollution.
How are local communities affected and how do they adapt their way of life to cope with and survive tornadoes?
Communities that are around areas that are prone to tornadoes have to be prepared for the worst. To survive tornadoes what people do is at the first sign of a tornado is they quickly relocate themselves to a strong shelter. People will then remain there until they are sure that the tornado has passed. Another thing people do is plan ahead. While they are buying, building or renting a house people around these areas have to be sure that the house is a strong one. In the case of a tornado happening, once it has passed it will almost surely leave damage. In this instance people have to be prepared and some things you need to do after a tornado is avoid debris, check for injured people and call for help.
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