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Natalie Rodriguez

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Bullying

Javier Ochoa, Nicole Delfa, Izzy Rivera, Anne Kim, and Natalie Rodriguez

Bullying started to appear during the 18 century. It was mostly verbal and physical harassment. The term bullying was not know until a newspaper article came out with it. A turning point happen during the 1970s, when Dan Olweus conducting a experiment.

Mean Girls Plus Javier
Bullying in the Workplace
The Mind of the Bullied Victim
The Psychology of Bullying
Cyber Bullying
Physical Bullying
What Happens During Bullying?

When physical bullying occurs the victim is usually getting hit, kick, punching, scratching,spitting, and stealing of items. During verbal bullying the bully is saying names, insults, sexist or homophobic jokes, threats,and sexually suggestive or abusive language. In indirect the bully is spreading rumors about the victim.
What is Bullying?
Bullying is never wanted. It is aggressive behavior to piers in their school or outside. Bullying involves a real imbalanced power. Usually the behavior is repeated. The victims and the bullies have serious problems down the road.

Verbal Bullying
Cyber Bullying is when you get bullied or harassed on the internet or on social media sites. Since this is on the internet everyone can see which is embarrassing. This makes rumors spread faster. Cyber bullying is in many forms. Spreading mean texts or rumors online, posting harmful images or texts of the person, breaking into a person's personal account to hurt another person, taking unflattering pictures of a person and sending them to other people, and sexting.
Physical bullying is when the bully physically harasses the victim and hurts them. The bully would punch, kick, spit, slap, trip, or steal from the victim.
Although verbal bullying is not common, it is very harmful. Verbal bullying is when the bully says or writes mean things to the other person. This includes name calling, teasing, inappropriate sexual comments, taunting, and threatening to harm others or the victim.

Effects on Physical bullying
Stand up against bullying
Help other in need of support
Protest about the effects of bullying
Report Bullying
Rally against bullying
Be FRIENDLY to people
Bullied at Work
Bullying often occurs when bullies have been bullied in the past or have some sort of traumatic abusing experience.
Usually, a bully does not feel that they can find any other ways to release their feelings they have kept locked inside other than bullying.
Other times, bullies choose to bully so that they can receive attention they are not receiving regularly.
It also depends on what kind of environment the bully is experiencing at home, family hardships, family breakups, etc. Thirty-six percent of the bullies come from growing up with a single parent, which means less affection at home.
Many believe that bullying can affect a child's adulthood later on because of their behavior issues that have not developed appropriately.

When a victim is bullied, their mind can get affected and eventually give up. This causes many suicidal thoughts within themselves.
They will only keep getting reminded of the time when they were bullied to the point where they had no control of themselves.
Many victims start to fear of speaking up or even conversing with other people. This makes it extremely hard for them to talk about this problem to their parents or to counselors.
Effects on Verbal Bullying

Kids who have been bullied verbally have effects such as:
- A low self-esteem
- Have the idea to tell lies then the truth
- Depression
- Feeling to obey the bully and not stand up
- Thoughts of suicide
People who have been bullied physically have effects such as: -Can affect negative health
-Depression, anxiety, feelings of sadness and loneliness
-Changing in sleep, and eating
- Loss of interest and things he/she enjoyed
-No longer tries in school/ or school activities. Most likely to ditch, skip, or drop out of school
Workplace bullying occurs when an employee says mean comments to another employee, which is considered the victim. The bully may brag to others about their accomplishments or things they have done. In other cases, there is a group of bullies that gang up on one employee. Usually, bullying in the work place does not involve physical contact. However, verbal bullying is just enough to hurt someone.
Examples in Movies/TV shows
Mean Girls
Back to the Future
Karate Kid
Daze and Confused
TV Shows
Family Guy
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