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Great Gatsby Timeline

No description

Jeep Wanty

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Great Gatsby Timeline

By: Jeep Wanty The Great Gatsby Visual
Timeline Chapter 1 -Nick moved to New York, West Egg to work in the bond business.
-Immigration. With a roaring economy in the 20’s many jobs were available, and Nick knowing many people in the bond business made it a good profession to go into so he could move to New York and have a better life.

-Nick attends a dinner at his cousin Daisy’s house with her husband and sees Gatsby for the first time.

http://rlv.zcache.com/to_day_buy_that_liberty_bond_poster-r4bc13ab359674c4697f1f84b86b03bd2_a6h9z_400.jpg Chapter 2 -Nick, Tom, Catherine and the Mckee couple have a party in Tom’s Morningside Heights Apartment.
-Roaring 20’s. This was a time known for partying. They throw this party supporting this fact.
-Nick becomes repulsed by the behavior of the people as they continue to drink and become obnoxious and loud.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_6pLoQ_2zUjk/R8yFoY_RkxI/AAAAAAAAAAU/ulACJ54ILf8/s320/jazzscene.jpg Chapter 3 -Nick and Gatsby meet for the first time.
-World War I. Gatsby and Nick realize they served in the same division during the

-Nick speaks with “Owl Eyes” as he drunkenly struggles to get get his car out of a ditch. He speaks of his job and how he does not just attend parties.
http://timerime.com/user_files/101/101447/media/timeline%202.jpg Chapter 4 -Gatsby explains his very interesting past to Nick. He explains where he was from where he was educated and things he achieved, like receiving medals from European nations during the war.

-Gatsby introduces Nick to a man named Meyer Wolfshiem. Nick gets the impression that Gatsby and him may be involved in organized crime.
-1919 World Series. Gatsby explains that Meyer Wolfshiem had fixed the 1919 World Series.
http://www.blacksoxfan.com/file_center/user_files/5ca594ce370ac35f7413542dbb48abf7.jpg Chapter 5 -Gatsby is introduced to Daisy after Nick agrees to get her to come over to meet him.

-Gatsby has his reunion with Daisy.
-American Dream. Gatsby is tries to rekindle his romance with Daisey so he can pursue the American dream and live a luxurious life.
http://www.discoverlongisland.com/!userfiles/Gatsbys%20Gold%20Coast_thumb.jpg Chapter 6 -We find out the truth of Gatsby’s past and what pushed him to become so successful and lead a luxurious life.

-Tom and Daisy attend one of Gatsby’s parties.
-Prohibition. Tom tells Daisy all of Gatsby’s money came from bootlegging. The prohibition created a spike in organized crime and illegal trafficking liquor. http://www.crimemagazine.com/images/bootleggers.jpg Chapter 7 - Tom, Daisy, Jordan, Nick and Gatsby all go into town, and Tom finally confronts Gatsby about his feelings towards Daisy.

-While on their way back from town Daisy and Gatsby hit and kill a woman named Myrtle.
-1920’s Cars. In the 1920’s cars became to get faster and more powerful and was able to strike somebody and kill them.
http://mercedesbenzblogphotodb.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/the-mb-supercharged-cars-of-20s-and-30s-part-iv-16.jpg Chapter 8 - Nick and Gatsby talk about what he should do now, how he may have to leave long island. He refuses and claims he can not leave Daisy.

- Wilson realizes it was Gatsby who had hit and killed Myrtle so he goes to his house and finds him floating in his pool and shoots and kills him.
-Illegal Activities. Wilson had gone and shot Gatsby in revenge of Myrtle’s death even though he was not even driving the car.
http://www.galtmuseum.com/discover/collections/published%20acquisitions/gun.jpg Chapter 9 -Gatsby’s funeral occurs and journalists and people fill his mansion as gossip and rumors are passed around about his life, parties he threw and his personal life.
-Nick decides after Gatsby's death city life is not for him. He decides to move back to the Midwest and leaves Jordan

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