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CE 403 project

No description

Aaron Thomas

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of CE 403 project

Earth Moving and Compaction
CE 403
April 29, 2010

Aaron Thomas
John Clay
Jonathan Hill
What is earth moving
and compaction?
A construction activity that transports earth material from borrow area in order to bring another area to a suitable grade
compaction increases the soil's density by removing excess air voids which will prevent settlement
Necessity of Earthwork
erosion control
strengthens foundation
bring soil to design grade
CAT Dealership
Future regulations
Equipment Maintenance
Life of Equipment
Increases overall production due to fewer breakdowns
Evolved with newer equipment
Equipment Repairs and Service
80% of parts on shelf and 90% can have available within a day
ECM - Electronic Monitors (similar to your vehicle)
Repair vehicles on call when equipment breaks down
CAT's Preventative Maintanance Program
PM truck - goes out to site and regularly changes all fluids, filters, and hoses as needed typically every 250 hours
Saved one company about $1/2 million in repairs a year
CATs have more than one life
Certified rebuild program
new serial number
new warranty
EPA Regulations
Strict emissions requirements
Four Tier system
Bio-fuel mixes
International market concerns
HWY 150
$25.7 million
Stanford to Mt. Vernon: Reconstruct US 150 from Brodhead to KY-461
Human skills
Skilled Operators
Quality Control
Testing of soils
Overall supervision
D-8 Dozer
2 - 33 cyd dump tucks
1 - 24 cyd articulating dump truck
Excavator with 6 yd bucket
Water truck
5 ton sheeps foot compactor
silt fence
Temporary Facilities
portable restroom
most paperwork done out of the truck
Compaction of Shale
Not necessary if fill is more that 50% rock
Compactor not used, dozer provides suitable compaction
Rocks larger that 3' must be kicked off to the side
Area of fill is to be about 30' to make the ramp for a bridge
Heaviest and Largest Item
Fully loaded hauler truck
approx 111 tons from CAT specs.
60 ton payload capacity
Site Productivity
Hazards to Quality of
Construction Work
Sufficient compaction of material
Unexpected or unknown soil conditions
Maintenance of haul road
Hazards to Safety
Awareness of large equipment
Overloading of equipment
Operators speeding
Dropoff in dump or fill area
Public traffic and flagging
shale already blasted
haul trucks loaded by excavator
trucks traveled 1/4 mile to fill site
haul roads well maintained by grader and watered often
trucks dump load and fill level by dozer
trucks return to load area
Observed Scope of Work
$27 million
New crosswind runway and taxiway at Bluegrass Airport
Estimated completion June 2010
Airport Project
Reasons for new runway
Area we observed cut and fill
Human Skills
Operating of equipment
Quality Control
Testing of soils
2 - Scrapers
2 -D8 Dozers
Silt fence
Grass seed mats
Temporary Facilities
Construction trailer
Portable restroom
Concrete Batch Plant
Fuel Storage
ASTM / FAA Regulations
FAA - P208 & P209 rock / DGA
ASTM D 698 Standard Proctor
ASTM D 15577 Modified Proctor
FAA - P155 Soil with a Plasticity Index >10 requires lime stabilization
ASTM C 977 Quick lime & Hydrated lime for soil stabilization
ASTM D 2992 Density of soil by Nuclear Density Method
Hazards to Safety
Live runway
Large scope of work and work force
Hazards to Quality
erosion control
suitable compaction
unknown soil conditions
Largest Item
Loaded scrapers
approx. 51 tons from CAT specs.
82,200 lb rated load
very idle...
Rental Equipment
Large portion of their business
Provides cost effective alternative to ownership
Typically equipment can range from $25k to $1.25 million
Unit Production
Calculated production at the site to be 630 BCY/hr
Estimated unit production 540 BCY/hr
Unit Production
Calculated production at the site to be 475 BCY/hr
Estimated unit production 604 BCY/hr
Project provides a comparison between two different earth moving and compaction operations
Difference in material
Distance hauled
Equipment used
Same company
(Silt Fence and seeded bank)
Any questions?
Got Clay?
ASTM D 698 standard proctor
ASTM D 2922 nuclear density gauge
filter fabric required occasionally
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