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Book Report-Mockingbird By: Kathryn Erskine

No description

Sam Sasin

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Book Report-Mockingbird By: Kathryn Erskine

By: Kathryn Erskine Background information

Caitlin Smith- Caitlin is 11 years old and has Asperger's Syndrome. She loves to draw. Her older brother Devon dies in a tragic school shooting. Throughout the novel she is trying to find closure.
Main Characters: Devon Smith- Caitlin's older brother who died in the school shooting. He is the reason that Caitlin is looking for closure. Caitlin's Dad (Harold Smith)- Trying to find closure along with Caitlin. He tries to help Caitlin with Asperger's. Mrs. Brook- The school counselor trying to help Caitlin with being more social and understanding with people's feelings. Michael Schneider- Caitlin's first friend who is also trying to find closure since his mother was a victim in the shooting along with Devon. Setting: This story takes place in Virginia where Caitlin's brother Devon gets shot and killed in a shooting at Virginia Dare Middle School. Character vs. Fate Main Conflict Caitlin's struggle with Asperger's Syndrome is the main conflict that lasts throughout this novel. She has a hard time understanding other peoples emotions and only sees the world in black and white. Rising Action Character vs. Character: Caitlin doesn't exactly understand how a friendship should work. So, when she was just trying to be honest, She accidentally insulted a girl in her class named Rachel about and injury she had to her face. All the girls in her class were mad at Caitlin. Character vs. Character: Josh is cousins with the guy who murdered Caitlin's brother Devon. Caitlin labels him as "evil" and he isn't very nice to her or anyone. Character vs. Nature: When Caitlin's dad says they need quarter-cut oak to finish Devon's Eagle Scout chest, she misinterprets and tries to cut wood from an oak tree with a quarter. Resulting in her fingers getting all cut up. CLIMAX The Climax is where Caitlin finally figures out how to feel empathy for people and being able to put herself in someones shoes. After finishing Devon's chest with her dad, Caitlin sits there and just looks at it and starts crying. But she realizes she isn't crying for herself, shes crying for Devon because he'd never get to see it and its beauty. This is a major breakthrough for Caitlin. Falling Action In the falling action, there is a ceremony at the middle school where Devon was shot. The ceremony was for all who were taken in the shooting. Caitlin and he dad donated Devon's finished Eagle Scout chest to the middle school for everyone to have closure. Caitlin brings the entire community closure. Resolution At the end of the ceremony, Caitlin goes and sits under the big oak tree and thinks about closure and Devon. She then takes out her new gift (a sketch book and colors) and decides to finally draw "the whole picture" colors and all. Theme: I think the theme of this novel is how the concept of "closure" can get people through grief. When Caitlin and her dad found closure within the chest, it really helped them realize the good things in life. For other people, closure could be a great thing. You just need the find the right type of closure for you and your situation. By: Sam Sasin Josh- His cousin killed the Caitlin's brother Devon in the shooting. Caitlin views Josh as evil. He is rude to other kids but doesn't want to be judged just by his mean cousin.
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