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The Hunger Games Mind Map

This project is for my English class. In this project you will find the 6 main concepts of this novel (character development, puzzle piece, I wonder, reminder, camera, and voice), and supporting ideas in each.

Victoria Carrel

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of The Hunger Games Mind Map

THE HUNGER GAMES Novel by Suzanne Collins Character
Develpoment Puzzle Piece/ I Wonder? Reminder/
SCENARIOS Katniss bites
her nails just
like I do. There are many
black markets in
history, and in
many films and
novels. p.224 p.11 p.8 My friends and
I have tried to
throw food and
catch it in our
mouths. When I was in cadets,
I caught someone
swaying. p.21 I have felt like I
couldn't breathe
before. p.21 May 8th, Katniss's
birthday is also
Alycia's birthday. p.27 Many people die from
starvation. p.28 Stealing is punishable
by death. Reminds me
of Sharia law. p.29 Katniss's train ride
remined me of my
first time on a train. p.41 Many people do not
have clean drinking
water. p.42 Reminded me of a video I saw.
It was about how much water
we use in a day and how much
3rd world countries used. Muttantions
remind me of
Resident Evil
film series p.42 In war they had spies
that went into bars
and listened to soldiers
conversations just like
Jabberjays. p.43 Avox- someone who has
committed a crime. They cutt
out their tounge so they can't
speak. Reminds me of Sharia
law. p.77 Dresses not above the
ankle-Victorian age. p.115 Katniss getting ready by her
prep team for her interview
reminds me of the character
Violet from 'Dinner With a
Vampire...' getting ready for a
ball. p.121 "Star-crossed lovers",
Peeta and Katnisss-
Romeo and Juliet. p.130 Love- 'Terrible Things'
by Mayday Parade.
(song) p.133 Peeta doesn't want
the games to change
him. p.147 A chirping bird reminds
me of the annoying bird I
have outside my window
that likes to chrip all night. p.183 Rue loves music just like I do.
I find music to express myself
and connect with feelings. p.211 Brusting stray mines are like
the last few kernels of popping
popcorn. p.223 Kissing someone softly when
they are sleeping to not wake
them up- I've done this. p.236 "...not for safety but to get as
far away from today as I can".
I do this often with music. p.239 I hate when good
dreams slip away like
Katniss. p.248 Command yourself to do
things when tired. I've
done this. p.240 Katniss and I are both
bad at cooking. p.267 "Ive never been
so alone." Reminds
me of Yukki as a
child from Vampire
Knight. p.279 President Snow reminds me
of Lotso form Toy Story 3.
He seems nice but is the
opposite. p.366 Climbing
trees Forest Community
Sqaure Bakery School Orchard of
apples Lake Fields Prim and her mother
sleeping peacefully
p.3 Katniss trying to drown
Buttercup p.3 Prim's ducktail from
her shirt p.15 Katniss sitting at
the edge of a pond
stirring the water
and plants.
p.52 Seeing the Capitol for
the frist time p.59 The fashion styles of the
Capitol people p.61 Katniss the girl on
fire going down the
crowd at the open
p.70 The showers, full
body dryers, and
hair dryers without
frizzy hair p.75 Hunting with Gale
p. 10 The Hob p.13 Katniss's interview
p.127 Bloodbath at
Cornucopia p.150 Stupid girl lighting
a fire p.158 Firewall p.177 The careers found
Katniss p.181 Trackerjacker
incident p.185 Katniss's
p. 191 Making alliances
with Rue p.200 Foxface hopping
over mines to steal
food form carrers
p.217 Katniss blowing the
careers supplies up
p.221 Cato's anger over
the lost supplies
p.224 District 3 boy's death
by Cato p.224 Rue's death and
Katniss's lullaby
p.234 Finding Peeta
p.252 Peeta's blood
poisoning p.265 Katniss cooking p.267 Katniss drugging
Peeta to go get his
medicine p.277 Clove almost kills
Katniss p.284 Thresh kills Clove
and lets Katniss go
p.286 Thresh hidding in
fields p.295 When Peeta first
saw Katniss p.300 Peeta unintentionally
kills Foxface p.319 Cato running from
the Muttations
p.330 The muttaions p.332 Cato is choking Peeta
p.335 Cato's death p.340 Katniss and Peeta both
go to eat the nightlock
p.332 Capitol declaring that
they both win p.345 Katniss waking up
in a strange place
p.349 Katniss's unpleasent
meeting with
president Snow p.364 Avox girl p. 80 How many districts
are there? Does each district
have a specialty? What is the Reaping? Where are each of the
districts located? Is Katniss from a poor
district? Does her fathers's death the reason her mom is 'unreachable'? Is there anything
more between Gale
and Katniss? What does tessera
(tesserae) mean? What is the Hunger
Games? Does Haymitch drink
to forget? What happened the
frist time Peeta and
Katniss met? "Odds are someone
else will kill him
before i do. Of course,
the odds have not
been very dependable
of late."
Foreshadowing? Will
she kill Peeta? What was Gale going
to say? Which district would
Ontario be in? District 12 is near the Appalachia. What's the bad
memory with the
Avox girl? I wonder what the
Avox girl's story is
and why she would
run from her home
the Capitol? What does
arbitrarily mean? What is the Avox
girl's name? What is a corucopia? Does she see the
Avox girl again? I wonder what other
tributes have for
tokens? Where is district 12
located? The reaping is a special day that
happens once a year where every
district draws two names, one
boy and one girlbetween the ages
of 12 and 18 , who will compete
in the Hunger Games to fight to
the death on live TV. A meager years supply of grain
and oil for one person, given to in
exchange for you putting your
name in the Reaping an extra time
for each tesserae you take. (You
can take one for each member of
your family. So Katniss could take
3.) In a random manner. She
randomly punched buttons
for the shower. Yes As punishment for a previous rebellion against the Capitol,
every year, one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 from each district are selected at random and forced to participate in the Hunger Games: a televised event in which the participants, or "tributes," must fight to the death in a dangerous, outdoor arena until only one remains. There were originally 13 districts, but when the districts rebelled, district 13 was wiped out leaving only 1-12 remaining. District 1: Luxury Goods for the Capitol
District 2: Masonry
District 3: Technology
District 4: Fishing
District 5: Power
District 6: Transportation
District 7: Lumber
District 8: Textiles
District 9: Grain
District 10: Livestock
District 11: Agriculture
District 12: Coal mining
District 13: Graphite Mining/Nuclear Power Yes Ontario should be in district 7 or 8. Yes, although
they are not dating. Yes, later we learn that his mother, younger brother, and girlfriend were killed by president Snow because of the force field stunt. No, they both live. We never find out. We never find out. Katniss forgets to ask, and she
is just referred to as the Avox
girl. Only once more at the end of the novel
and determines that they are friends. Glimmer had a ring that if you twisted it a poisonous spike popped out it was taken away. Katniss had the mockingjay pin, and Rue had a necklace with a wooden flower/star charm on some type of woven grass. It was not to long after her father had died. Her family had no money and barely food (this is before she resorted to hunting). She had went to the market to sell Prim's old baby clothes but no one wanted them. She was straving and disappointed, she walked back behind the richer houses. Then she got the idea of looking through the garbage but they were empty. Once she reached the bakery, Peeta's mother shouted at her and was calling her a disgrace. Peeta saw and burned two loafs of bread. His mother was furious and slapped him. Peeta was suppose to feed it to the pigs, but he threw Katniss the slightly burned bread. That bread saved her and her families lives. The Avox girl and an unknown boy, whom Katniss belived to be her brother were seen by Katniss and Gale while they were out hunting. They appeared to be escaping from the Capitol, as Katniss noted that the two had a "Capitol look" to them. A Capitol hovercraft appeared; the boy was struck with a spear and killed instantly. The girl, however, was scooped up by a net and taken into the hovercraft, she briefly locked eyes with Katniss and Gale. When the boy was killed, she screamed what sounded like a name, and Katniss wondered if it was the name of the boy. Katniss could have tried to help her but she stayed hidden in her spot. Prim's name is
called at the
reaping, Katniss
volunteers for her
p.22 Peeta Mellark is
chosen at the
reaping p.25 Katniss recives the
mockingjay pin from
Madge p.28 Katniss & Peeta
catch a train to the
Capitol p.41 Katniss & Peeta
meet Haymitch p.46 Katniss meets prep
team p.61 Katniss meets Cinna
her stylist p.63 Katniss becomes the
girl on fire p.69 Training begins p.73 When scoring comes
Katniss gets angry that
they aren't paying
attention to her, she
shoot an arrow at the
pig with the apple in its
mouth (their feast) and
leaves p.101 Katniss recived a 11
out of 12 in her
training p.108 Katniss has her
interview with Ceaser
p.127 At Peeta's interview
he announces that he
loves her p.130 When back on their
floor Katniss gets
mad and fights with
Peeta because he
didn't have the right
to say that p.134 Katniss gets ready for
the Arena in the Launch
Room (Katniss calls it
the catacombs or
stockyard because its
the place where animals
go to get slaughtered)
p.144 The Hunger Games
begin p.147 Peeta tells Katniss
not to go for the
bow p.150 Katniss grabs a 3 foot
sheet of plastic, loaf of
bread and a bright
orange backpack. p.150 Katniss and D9 boy
(D means district)
fight over the
backpack, killed by
D2 girl's knife that
she threw p.150 D2 girl throws knife
at Katniss, Katniss
protects herself with
her backpack and
gains the knife p.151 Katniss lost the bread
from the fight with the
D9 boy p.151 Katniss successfully
makes it into the
woods and avoids
the bloodbath. p.151 The days of gorging have
paid off, she is powerful
but short on sleep p.152 11 dead in bloodbath
13 left to go, Katniss
wonders about Peeta
p.153 Backpack contains thin black
sleeping bag that reflects body
heat, crackers, dried beef strip,
iodine, wooden matches,
coil of wire, sunglasses, half
gallon plastic bottle with a
cap-but no water p.154 Keeps moving, she
remembers the rabbit
she saw ealier and
realizes that the
rabbitt must have
water near by p.154 Katniss scrap the bark
off the tree and gathers
some of the softer inner
bark and chews this-
she's eaten alot of pine
in her life p.155 The Careers will have
food, water,
and plenty of weapons,
Katniss makes 2 snares
p.155 Katniss climbs a tree to
sleep in her sleeping bag
and secures herself in
with her belt p.156 The tributes that died
in the bloodbath are:
D3 girl, D4 boy, D5 boy,
D6 both, D7 both, D8
boy, D9 both and D10
girl p.157 Girl starts fire and is
killed by the Careers,
Katniss can see from her
tree p.159 Katniss sees Peeta
with the Careers, she
overhears that the
Careers only allow
Peeta to live so that
they could find her
p.162 Peeta hasn't told the
Careers about her
strength p.163 Morning-Katniss keeps
walking gained a rabbit
from her snares and uses
the coals from the fire to
cook it p.164 Camouflages backpack
p.164 Katniss eats half of the
rabbit, wonders about
Peeta's motives, and
figures water travels
downhill p.165 Katniss is still looking
for water, the
firestarter was from D8
p.167 Katniss sleeps in a tree
and falls down, she is in
deperate need of water,
thoughts are foggy and
thinking is hard,
Haymitch hasn't sent
anything p167 Katniss figure that
Haymitch is withholding
the water because she's
almost found it p.169 Finally found a pond
purifies some water
drinks plentyand
prepeares more, no
deaths today p.178 Katniss wakes up by a
huge firewall rapidly
descending on her p.171 She follows the animals
because they have a
better instinct than her,
the smoke is worse than
the heat and she vomits
her supper p.173 Game has a new twist-it
shoots fireballs the size
of apples but very
powerful, she is forced to
keep moving with no
sense of direction p.175 Fireball seared of 6
inches off of her braid,
another fireball skids
across her right calf, the
attacks stop which
means another tribute is
close by p.177 Finds a small pool and
relaxes her leg and hands
in it,her calf is bright
brillant red and has
blisters hurts to much to
take out hands are sore
but okay and can handle
breaks from pool p.179 She treats some water
and rehydrates herself,
eats cracker and spots
some water plants to
make a meal with the
rabbit p.180 The Careers are close and
she climbs up a tree,
taunting them because
she knows that they can't
climb up (to heavy), the
Careers have some
injuries from the firewall
p.181 Katniss talks Cato (D2)
and Glimmer (D1) into
trying to climb up and
they fall making them
look foolish p.182 Cato's weapon is a sword
and Glimmer has her bow
and arrow (she's not very
good at shooting), Katniss
is jealous and angry
because that bow is hers
p.182 Peeta suggests that they
wait until morning to
deal with her because
shes not going anywhere,
she takes refuge in the
tree and is weak from
pain and hunger p.183 Rue is unseen by the
Careers in the opposite
tree during night she
points to the
Trackerjacker nest in
Katniss's tree p.185 What are Trackerjackers?
A wasp-like insect that follow pursuers. Hence, the tracker part of their name. They leave large lumps whenever they sting, and cause hallucinations, unconsciousness, infections, and death. The Trackerjackers
are sedated because of
the smoke Katniss starts
cutting the branch during
the anthem so the careers
won't notice, she gets 3/4
cut before she has to stop
p.187 Medicine has arrived from
sponsers for her burns,
Katniss uses some p.188 New day, Katniss eats
cracker, strip of beef, and
a few sips of water, the
medicine transformed the
angry red flesh to a soft
baby pink, feels
inflammed, applies more
medicine packs up p.188 Katniss alerts Rue and
she jumps from tree to
tree with only a bit of
rustling, She would like
Rue to win if she dies
reminds her of her sister
p.189 As she is cutting the
branch she gets stung 3
times on the knee, cheek,
and neck, the venom
immediantly makes her
woozy, they are no
longer sedated p.198 Successfully drops the nest on
the Careers, most drop their
things and run, Glimmer and
D4 girl get multiple stings,
Glimmer goes mad, twitches,
and falls to the ground,
D4 girl stumbles out of sight
p.191 Katniss pulls out the
stingers, the stings are
close to the size of an
orange with foul green
smelling ozzing liquid
p.191 Katniss makes it to the pool
but realizes that she must
go back to getthe bow and
arrows because anything
left with a dead tribute is
transported out and her
weapon would be gone p.191 Hallucinations are starting
and Katniss had to break
some of overly swollen fingers
and roll her onto her back to
get the bow p.192 Katniss can't determine
what is real and what is
fake, Cato and Peeta
return, Peeta tells her
to run and she does
p.193 Katniss has hallucinations
that attack her fears, she
falls into a whole and
then passes out p.194 Katniss wakes up and
passes out a couple of
times p.176 Katniss finally wakes up
and wonders if Peeta
actually saved her life,
she now has a bow and
12 arrows, which
changes the perspective
no more hidding she
can fight p.197 Katniss shoots a rabbit,
soaks in a nearby pond,
eats cracker, beef and
some moss, she polishes
weapons and caught
some form of wild turkey
p.199 Katniss discovers that Rue
is following her, and makes
an alliance, Katniss offers
food and Rue in return has
a treatment for the
Trackerjacker stings p.201 Katniss shares her paste
or burns and Rue shares
many of her plants and
she reconzies the bird,
its a grossling p.201 Rue has a water skin,
extra pair of socks,
homemade slingshot,
found edible berries,
and reconizes the
nightglasses the Katniss
has p.204 Katniss shares her
sleeping bag, she finds
out that she missed 2
nights, and Glimmer
and D4 girl are dead,
10 left p.205 Rue thinks that Peeta
actually loves her (not
just faking), and Katniss
finds out that hes not
with the Careers now,
they plan to destroy the
Careers supplies p.207 Cannon blasted, someone
died, Rue returns in the
morning wiht eggs from
a water bird, they also at
rabbit legs, and berries
p.210 They talk about their plan
and gather berries, dig
roots, and collect greens
p.211 Together they set 2
campfires, Rue will set
the 3rd later, Rue
teaches her her melody
for the mockingjays and
decide to use this as a
way to communicate
p.213 Katniss makes her way
to the Careers camp,
wonders if Peeta is dead,
camouflages backpack,
and replenishes
water p.214 What does the word
copse mean? A small group of trees. Katniss wonders why the D3 boy
is stil alive (normaly doesn't stay
with the Careers), finds out the
that he dug up the mines from
the plates at the beginning of the
game and rewired them so that
they protect their supplies p.217 Foxface jumps and does
a funny little dance to
get past the mines, she
steals some food but not
enough for anyone to
notice p.217 Katniss needs to figure
out a way to trigger the
mines in a chain reation,
she shoots 3 arrows at a
bag of apples, they spill
to the ground, and she is
blown backwards p.221 She is very dizzy and
can't walk, she crawls
slowly into some nearby
bushes, she can't hear
and has a bloody ear,
she puts her hood up and
ties the srtings so there
isn't a blood trail p.223 Careers return to see the
destroyed supplies, Cato
is furious and kills D3 boy
by snapping his neck, he
did his job to well p.224 D10 boy died this
morning, Careers are
furious that the bomber
did not die with the
supplies, they put on
night vision glasses
and go into the woods
to hunt p.225 Katniss's dizziness has
subsided, left ear still
defeaned, right has
ringing, puts night
glasses on, drinks water,
washes blood from ear,
eats greens, roots,
berries and worries
of Rue p.226 In the morning Katniss
canhear in the right ear
but nothing in the left,
she begins her trip back
to Rue, eats some
greens, roots,
and berries p.232 Katniss hears Rues four
note whistle than hears
a young girl's scream,
which can only be Rue's,
she rushes to her rescue
p.232 D1 boy throws a spear
into Rue and Katniss's
arrow dives into his neck,
Rue asks Katniss to sing
for her, Katniss sings a
mountian lullaby for her
p.234 Rue dies when the song
is finshed, everything is
slient for a minute than
the mockingjays take up
the song p.235 Katniss retives the arrow
and the backpacks from
D1 and Rue, she than
covers Rue with flowers
p.237 District 11 sent Katniss
a loaf of bread, this
must have cost a fortune
for them, and she thanks
them out loud p.239 Rue's bag contains Katniss's
sleeping bag, water skin, nuts,
roots, bit of rabbit, and
slingshot, D1 boy's bag
contains several knives, 2 spare
spearheads, flashlights, small
leather pouch, first aid kit, bottle
of water, and a pack of dried
fruit p.240 Katniss finishes loaf of
bread and rabbit,
Claudius Templesmith's
voice booms over the
arena as he announces
a rule change-2 players
from the same district
are now allowed to live,
Katniss works her way to
find Peeta p.244 Katniss finally finds Peeta
laying down in a stream
camouflaged, he is badly
bruised, has a long burn
across his chest, 4 Trackerjacker
stings, Katniss gives him pills
for his fever (frist aid kit), he
hasn't eaten in days, His leg
from where Cato cut him is a
deep inflamed gash oozing
blood and pus, smells of
festering flesh, its cut to
the bone p.256 Katniss treats the burns
and Trackerjacker stings,
washes his clothes and
helps him move to a cave
p.260 Katniss kisses him and
Haymitch sends a hot
pot of broth, along with
a silent message from
Haymitch saying that he
wants some more
romance p.261 Katniss find out that
Clove is the girl from D2
with Cato and D5 girl is
nicknamed Foxface
because she reminds her
of a fox, Peeta has blood
poisoning p.267 Katniss makes a pot of soup and forces
him to eat, Claudius voice booms over
the arena agin and announces a feast,
everyone needs something desperately,
Peeta doesn't want Katniss to go, Katniss
gets angry and makes him do everything
she says in return, Haymitch sends sleep
syrup and Katniss tricks Peeta into berries
p.277 Katniss hids out by the cornucopia and
sees Foxface run and gather her bag,
Katniss runs to get hers but is caught
by Clove's knife which catch her above
the eyebrow, and pins her on the ground
she is about to cut her when Thresh
(Rue's District ally) pulls her off of her
and kills her for killing Rue, he then lets
Katniss go because she protected Rue,
Katniss grabs her bag and leaves, Cato
finds Clove dead and goes after Thresh
p.287 When Katniss returns to the cave
she gives Peeta his medicine, she
is badly bleeding and passes out
p.289 Katniss wakes up to a better
Peeta and now he is taking
care of her, it starts raining
so they stay in the cave and
Peeta tells Katniss of when he
first fell in love with her p.301 Peeta is telling her that he
loves her and that he doesnt
have any competition here she
repiles that 'he doesnt have
much competition anywhere'
and kisses him, Haymitch sends
a feast p.303 That night they see Thresh in the sky (he's dead), cato had killed him, in the morning Katniss and
Peeta go out to hunt but Peeta is too loud and
scares all of the animals away, Peeta gathers
some roots, they use Rue's 4 note whistle, when Katniss hears a cannon blast (someone just died)
and whistle's Peeta doesn't respond, she rushes
back to him, and discovers that he's still alive-Foxface is dead, Peeta had picked some nightlock berries and Foxface ate some and died, Peeta
didn't know that they were posionous p.318 They set up a fire and cook
the rabbits and squirrel that
Katniss caught, they also have
roots, Cato seems to be
keeping a distrubingly low
profile, they make their way
back to the cave and the water
from the stream is disappearing,
they eat some more and sleep
p.325 In the morning, the stream is all
dried up and they wonder how
the gamemakers will drive them
all together for the water or
something else?, they start
making their way to the
cornucopia feeling like today
is the final day p.325 They eat the rest of their food
and when they reach the lake
they sit, purify water and talk,
Cato doesn't seem to be
showing up p.238 The Mockingjays stop singing
and shriek, Cato is running
straight for them and seems
to have been running for awhile,
he's wearing full body armor and
Katniss's arrows won't punture,
Cato runs right past them and
then the first creature leaps into
the plain p.330 The creatures are
muttations made by the
Capitol from the other
tributes, they resemble
huge wolfs, are incredibly
strong, razor sharp claws,
balances on its hind legs
and hes their eyes, all
three of them make it onto
the cornucopia, with the
mutts trying to jump on
p.331 When Cato has recovered from
running such a distance he grabs
Peeta in a headlock cutting off
his air, if Katniss shoots Cato in
the head with the 2nd last arrow
she has Peeta will fall with him,
Peeta makes an 'x' with his finger
across Cato's hand and brings to
attention that his hands are also
bare, Cato realizes this a second
to late, and Katniss shoots his
hand making him drop Peeta
and fall over the ledge, Cato
had a good plan and he could
have won p.336 Cato fights back an despite his
remarkable strength and skill,
he simply is over powered,
Katniss & Peeta wait and wait
for the cannon to fire but the
mutts won't finish him off, the
next hours are Katniss's worst
moments of her life they can
hear him moaning, begging,
and finally just wimpering,
she doesn't care about what
he's done she just wants his
suffering to end, in the
morning Cato is close enough
to the opening so that Katniss
can shoot him, When he sees
Katniss he tries to say please
so that she could end his pain
p.341 When the cannon fires annoncing
Cato's death, it was suppose to be
the end of the games but Claudius
Templesmith's voice came across
the arena annoucing that the ealier
rule has been renvoked-only one can
live, Katniss & Peeta both refuge to
kill eachother, Katniss gets the
leftover nightlock berries that they
brought in case Cato decided to
steal their food, and they both go
to eat the berries p.344 'We know that they have to have a victor. Yes, they have to have a victor. Without a
victor, the whole thing would blow up in
the Gamemakers' faces. They'd have
failed the Capitol. Might possibly even
be executed, slowly and painfully where
the cameras brodcast it to every screen
in the country. If Peeta and I were both
to die, or thought we were...' The berries had just past Katniss's
lips when the trumpets begin to
blare, Claudius's frantic voice
shouts above them giving them
the two winning tributes, they
both spit the berries out
without swallowing them
and wash their mouths p.346 A hovercraft appears and takes
them out of the arena, doctors
take Peeta and Katniss is
handed a pretty and clean
beaverage, she sets it down
not trusting anything so pretty
or clean, Peeta's heart stops
twice, it's like being home
again when badly hurt people
are brought into her house,
Katniss is then drugged p.347 Katniss's hearing has
been replaced, and all
her scars are gone, her
food is being
monitored p.352 Katniss and Peeta are
being kept away from
eachother so that the
can only see eachother
at the final interview
p.352 Cinna's new dress makes
Katniss look simple, very
girly, young girl, innocent
and harmless, Katniss
questions Cinna's
movements but he doesn't
answer, Haymitch tips her
off and tells her that she's
is trouble for pulling the
berry stunt p.357 During the interview, they watch a
3 hour highlight flim of everything
that happened, President Snow
comes to the stage to present to
victors the crown (which splits into
two) he smiles when he places the
crown on Katniss's head but his
eyes are unforgiving as a snake,
Katniss then realizes that even
though they were both going to
eat the berries, she was the one
to be punished, shes the instigator
p.364 Katniss wonders about
Gale and is worried to
see him, she feels like
she's been lying to him
and Peeta p.371 Peeta finds out that she doesn't
love him, but she wan't always
acting-she's confused about her
feelings, and they agree to
pretend for the cameras once
again, she can feel Peeta
slipping away from her p.374 Buttercup has a 'special'
with Katniss Cuddles with Prim
to make her happier Loves and cares for Prim Katniss thinks he's the
worlds ugliest cat,
mashed in nose, half
of one ear missing, eyes
the colour of rotting sqaush. Prim named him Buttercup
insiting that his muddy
yellow coat match the bright flower He distrusts Katniss
she tried to drown
him in a bucket when
Prim brough him home He's a born mouser
even cathes the odd rat Feeding Buttercup
the entrails=no hissing Dad He was killed in a
minning accident when
Katniss was 11 Her dad taught her
many things about hunting,
the Hob, and survival He was very good at
singing, all the birds
stopped to listen loved his family dearly Katniss and her father
were very close Mom She left the upper class
for the Seam because
she fell in love Her parents owned an
apothecary shop Skilled healer,
knows much about herbs She suffered from severe
depression when her husband
died and completly became
robotic and blank, Katniss
resents her for this The baker loved her
but she ran away to marry
a coal minner She met her husband
because he would sometimes
gather healing plants for her 'District 12 where you can
starve to death in safety' Use to blurt bad things
out about the people who
rule this country, Panem,
and the Capitol, scared her
mother to death learned to hold tounge, turns features into an indifferent mask so that no one can read her thoughts, did her work quietly in school, makes only polite small talk with people in the market, discuss little more than trades in the Hob even at home she avoids discussing tricky topics Friendship Love life Qualities Katniss opens up to Gale He gives Katniss a sense of belonging Makes Katniss happy and jokes with her Katniss's nickname is Catnip Share their gains and little
of what they have Protective of his family
and helps them get by Father died the same minning
accident as Katniss's dad did Gale has two younger brothers,
a sister, and a single mother to
look after Good looking, many girls want him Strong, can handle minning,
good hunting partner Cooperates very well
with Katniss in hunting,
they share their knowledge Friendship Qualities Only friend is Katniss Mostly keeps to herself Cares for Katniss,
gives her a small token
a mockingjay pin Quiet, keeps to self She's the Mayor's daughter,
doesn't have to worry about
straving Can afford rich things They sometimes work
together at school, eat
lunch together, sit beside
eachother They rarely talk like to express his anger
and problems by yelling
in the woods Sarcastic Relationship
with sister Love each other dearly Katniss does everything
she can to protect her Katniss buys her a goat Katniss often sings to her Qualities Innocent Peaceful Young Appericates beauty Excellent healer Often has a duck tail
from her shirt not being
tucked in at the back Cannot hunt Katniss and Gale worry
for each other Good looking, many girls want him Loves Katniss, and Katniss
likes him to but it is unspoken They are just friends May the odds be
in your favor! ever loving sweet Qualities I from the Capitol An amazing stylist Asked to work for district 12 Views Katniss
as an equal Kind and understanding More normal Katniss likes him Lady Prim's goat Katniss bought it for her for her birthday Oringinally she was hurt bad and the butcher was going to buy her but when she arrived she complained about not being fresh and winked at Katniss Wears a pink bow
around her neck Katniss's mom and Prim
had to nurse her back to life The goat can make cheese
and milk each day to eat and sell She had been bitten
by a wild dog Katniss is a bit claustrophobic
because it reminds her of her
father being trapped in a mine When Effie said that the last
tributes were barbaric because
they ate with their hands Katniss
used her hands to eat Katniss volueenteers for her
sister at the reaping most
families won't hellp each
other out that way Katniss was brave to
enter the woods and
the Hob by here self Katniss learned which
food to sell to which
person and when to
recieve the best trades Katniss figures out that the
Careers supplies are
surrounded by mines
and she was able to
create a chain reaction in
destroying the mines She puts herself into
others shoes She feared that Prim might
go to the community home,
all the kids look hopeless Katniss didn't want to
disappoint her family
when she could find food She takes care of trades,
food, money, school, Prim
& her mother She does everything
to protect her little sister Katniss is an amazing at archery She shoot all her prey
in the eye in the woods Katniss reconizes etiable roots,
greens, and berries Knows wether or not
to cook or eat meat raw Katniss also spent
some time throwing knives Fast runner Is quiet in the woods Katniss feels like she ows
Peeta for saving her life
with the bread and in the
arena Katniss hates owing
people Thresh hates owing
people to and this saves
Katniss's life She was 11 when her
father died and she
had to help her family Katniss recieves a guesture
that means thankyou,
admiration, and a goodbye
to someone you love from
the people of D12 Katniss wants to appear tough
infront of the Capitol she doesn't
want to be weak Katniss was going to swallow
poisonous berries to get her
point across Forest/woods Prim Gale Talk of District 11 Rue Katniss makes jokes
with Gale and Cinna Katniss and Peeta
tease each other The woods have given her
strength, execrition, and
health Katniss is a good hunter When the Gamemakers didn't
pay attention to her she shot
an arrow at their feast Trust is weakness
in the Games Peeta and Gale both love
her but she doesn't know
her feelings She normally keeps to herself Katniss finds it hard not
to resent thoose who
have it easier KAtniss finds out that even though Peeta is form the Merchant class he still has it rough- he can only afford the food that they make if its stale and no one wants it Katniss worries about her
family, Gale, Prim, Peeta,
and Rue Katniss protects her sister,
mother, Rue, and Peeta She takes care of them
and does everything she
can to help Worries about them She makes jokes and remarks shattereing objects, trees transforming to blood, ants crawl out of blisters on her hands, tiny orange bubbles that hum like Trackerjackers Prim's death, reliving
her fathers last moments,
feeling her body being
ripped apart, Sarcastic/ Funny 'Do i smell like roses?' Jokes around with Katniss and teases her Knows how to play the crowd Love Life Qualities Protecive for Katniss Caring and Kind His mother is abusive, verbally and physically His father is loving and kind, has two older brothers Although from the merchant
class he is poor He loves Katniss since the
frist time he saw her (age 5) Saved her live by giving her
bread which he was later abused for Saved her life countless time in the arena Love Life He had a mother, 2 brothers, and a sister who were murrdered by President Snow His girlfriend was also murdered by President Snow Qualities He drinks to forget He is very much like Katniss
and they often don't get
along because of it they
become friends towards the end He competed in the Hunger Games and survived He is smart and able to keep Katniss alive Because he and Katniss are
so alike they can tell what
the other is thinking Destructive Qualities From District 11 She is 12 Competes in the games
and dies by a spear She has a special 4 note whistle she uses to communicate She is young, sweet, and innocent,
Katniss wants to protect her She is small hard to catch,
can jump form tree to tree Knows alot of roots, greens and berries Knows a treatment for Trackerjacker stings Makes an ally with Rue
and becomes friends Qualities Effie thinks that she is better
than others because she is
from the Capitol views them
as lesser beings She thinks that the Hunger
Games are exciting and honnoring Even though Katniss and her
do not get along they create
a small friendship as the novel
progresses Odd Pink hair, weird fashion styles Very differnent
views form Katniss From the Capitol, hasn't
been through hardships Colorful, large, prosperous,
superficial, superfluous, and intimidating Katniss compared it to
'artifical candy' People from the Capitol
have never been through hardships The Goverment system is careful and elimates anyone who is a threat The government is very
differenet from the
People of the Capitol Qualities Favored Trained to kill Never been through hardships
like Katniss Strong, good hunters,
never gone hungry Through out this novel, there are many means of discrimination. The Capitol views the Districts as lesser people then themselves and they are raised in thinking so. For example, Effie belittled and made rude comments about district 12. The Capitol has made the districts slaves for them- they must do what they say or be punished. Capitol people: Life is easy, had no hardships, have everything that they want. The Districts: hardships, most of the time they're close to dying, barley have food or money, learn to go without, must do as the Capitol wishes Government Vs.
Capitol People Government: Power hungry, has everyone completely at their will, has many secrets that the people don't no, kill anyone without a second thought. Capitol People: In my mind, i think that they are not a threat, they do watch and celebrate the Games, because they were raised to and in their society it is right (but it isn't right), all their lives they have had everything they want, technology at the click of a button, their hardest choice is deciding what to wear.
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