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Native American Tribes - Blackfoot

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monaelfflisa@gmail.com ML

on 2 September 2016

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Transcript of Native American Tribes - Blackfoot

- English translation of "Sikska"
(dark colored moccasins)

- Prefered name Blackfoot
(but also named Blackfeet)
Everyday Life:
- Females in charge of house-hold
- Females also built the actual tipis and carried heavy posts when tribe moved
- Men in charge of providing food and going to war if necessary. (Warriors were mostly men)
- Blackfoot tribe moved frequently (followed buffalo herds)

Appearance| Clothing
The types of clothes worn by the men depended on the weather and the occasion.
In warm weather men and boys wore little clothing, usually just a breech cloth
In cold weather they wrapped up in a warm robe of tanned buffalo skin.
Major beliefs and practices
heir main god was the sun, but they also believed in a supernatural being named Napi, which means 'Old Man.'
The Blackfoot tribe also had complicated beliefs about supernatural powers in connection with nature.
Ceremonies were very important to the Blackfeet

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Orginal residents of nothern plain
Tht black foot tribes weapons consisted of arrows, knives, mauls, and shaft straighteners
Native American Tribes - Blackfoot
By: Winston Herrera
Eleanor Fink

Name: Origin
Montana, Idaho & Alberta, Canada
Weapons and Tools
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