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Lesson 15.3 Adding/Subtracting Mixed Numbers

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Ben Turner

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Lesson 15.3 Adding/Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Why Learn This? By adding mixed numbers, you can find the total of two amounts!

For example, the total cups of pretzels and M&M's in a recipe for snack mix.

Lets Try It Out! Recent Review 1 How to make Snack Mix... 2 Practice Problems. First 3 problems will be checked at the end of class, if not finished in class finish for homework! 4th Grade Mathematics | Lesson 15.3
Heard County Elementary School Supervising Teacher: Ms. Carol Barno
Student Teacher: Ben Turner + 4 2 4 = 3 4 answer 5 - 8 3 8 = 2 8 answer What Will We Be Learning? (CCGPS) 4th Grade Mathematics Standards Operations and Algebraic Thinking
MCC4.OA.1- I can interpret a multiplication equation as a comparison (ex. 35=5 x 7 means that 35 is 5 times as many as 7 and 7 times as many as 5).
Numbers and Operations-Fractions
MCC4.NF.3a- I can understand addition and subtraction of fractions.
MCC4.NF.3c- I can add and subtract mixed numbers with like denominators. Essential Questions: How do you add and subtract Mixed Numbers or Mixed Fractions?
How do you correctly pronounce a Mixed Number aloud? 1 4 cup of pretzels 1 1 4 cup of M&M's Add both together in your plastic bag, and mix it up for your snack mix. + = 2 1 4 cup of pretzels 1 1 4 cup of M&M's STEP 1: Add the fractions first. 2 4 2 1 4 cup of pretzels 1 1 4 cup of M&M's + = STEP 2: Then add the whole numbers. 3 = We made 3 2 4 cup of snack mix per bag. Now, find the total cups used... + Now, Show You What You Know! Your Ticket Out The Door... Add and Subtract
Mixed Numbers *Standards are written in "kid friendly" terminology.
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