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Media Center

LIS 712

Shannon Ayrish

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Media Center

But about
with your audience
The ideal media centers means everyone is learning.
Shannon Ayrish
We celebrate books
and literacy!
We Collaborate!
The media specialist, teachers and administration are curriculum partners.

The media center committee gives input and makes decisions about...
Reading Incentive Programs
Book Fairs
Accelerated Reader
Goals and Evaluation of Programs

Teachers have input into standards taught and resources that are needed for the media center
by creating Readers,
The media center helps teachers and students build a foundation of reading skills with classes and resources.
Students are taught how to read traditional informational text from books and periodicals.
Students are taught digital reading comprehension strategies.
Students are encouraged to ask questions in order to solve problems.
The media center teaches research and citation skills.
Students collaborate using tools like Google Docs and Edmodo.
Students utilize tools for ...
note taking - School Notes
citations - Noodle Tools
collaboration - Edmodo
and editing
and Presenters.
Students have opportunities to share what they have learned in order to build confidence and leadership.
On-line Presentations
Traditional Presentations
Learning Fairs
Library Displays
Media Productions
We maintain a Common Core Collection.
The media center is the textbook of the future!
Our collection contains quality non-fiction materials to meet the 2014 standards.
We support S.T.E.M. and
Project Learning.
We love author visits.
Local Authors
Author Studies
We promote Book Awards.
Students vote on SSYR and FRA Books.
Tools like Survey Monkey and Woofu are used to track the votes.
Book reviews and trailers are made by students.
Celebrations ....
Literacy Week
Read Across America
National Children's Book Week
Book Character Festival
We encourage Accelerated Reader with...
Brag Tags
Reading Celebrations
Goal setting
Digital Books are here!
That includes Immersion Reading.
Audio Books too.

I-Pods and Audio Books
Kindles and other smaller less expensive reading devises that can be checked out.
The Media Center Website has...
Digital Databases
Research Resources
Links to collaboration tools
AR Resources

Students can utilize QR Codes for quick reference to collections that have already been organized.
We give students access to books by...
building classroom libraries.
developing reading collections for classroom projects.
utilizing subscriptions to digital books.
We create Media Productions.
WPES Daily News Program...
includes a crew of anchors, reporters and technicians.
highlights student leaders and school initiatives.
provides an in depth learning experience.
is saved to the WPES YouTube Channel.
We have Kids Talk.
A live show about award winning books
Kids read books and share their insight in a Book Club format.
The show can be watched live or on the PES News Channel.
We record special school events.
Share videos via our PES News Channel
Or make recordings for purchase to benefit media productions.

The Media Center is Designed for Learning.
Our schedule meets the needs of the school community.
Flexible or fixed classes and checkout.
Before and after school family check-out times and AR testing.
Monthly media nights.
There are computers and Makerspaces to facilitate projects of all types.
The media center extends beyond the walls to classrooms.
by building classroom libraries
learning tubs
resource collections
There are inviting spaces to read.
There is a comfortable place for read-alouds and sharing.
The Media Specialist is...
A life long learner.
Someone who loves books.
A learning partner and facilitator.

The Cove

The Ideal Media Center at PES
We teach Information Literacy...
We Integrate Technology.
The media center is a learning laboratory with Makerspaces for project building.
We maintain Digital database subscriptions.
An advocate and fundraiser for the media center.
Brag Tags
Trophies and Awards
Our Goals...
1. to create a love of reading in every student.
2. to teach information literacy skills that support the school's mission and initiatives.
3. to help teachers teach.
QR Codes are also used to promote new books and provide links to book talks and trailers.
An Infobrarian!
Someone whose greatest joy is watching a child learn.
There are signs, bulletin boards and displays geared to make finding books and resources easier.
Helpful and caring.
Presented by
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