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My Family Life Cycle

Unit 1: Culminating

Hannah Hanchiruk

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of My Family Life Cycle

By: Hannah Hanchiruk My Family Life Cycle Princeton, Ontario My House Now The house I live in now meets my physical needs by providing me with a safe shelter that is a source of protection from all types of weather. I have a sense of belonging and security in my house. It also provides me with a warm, dry place to sleep. Psychological needs that are met by the home i live in now vary from my relaxation needs to the flexibility in movement. In the house i live in now i am able to design certain rooms to fit my personality and to separate the work and school space from my home. My social needs are met in this home because it provides me and my family a good space, indoor and outdoor, for entertaining. It may not be the closest commute to our neighbors or friends because of the location but the neighbors that are close are very nice. The neighborhood is also very rich with my fathers side of the family. We have less than a 10 minute drive to our close family members. One of the aesthetic needs in this home that are met is the balance with nature. There is a large backyard available along with about 100 acres of farm land to roam. Our home now also allows us to decorate the house as we please with little restrictions. We also each have our own room that reflects our personality. Lifestyle needs are met in the home i live in now by providing me and my family with community resources that we need to get basic needs such as food and water from. It also meets our lifestyle needs because as a farming family we have a lot of space for cattle and crops. Special Considerations for the home i live in now are met by providing my family with enough space to farm. Toronto, Ontario My Home After Moving Out Physical needs that are met within my future Toronto house would be the safety and protection that the apartment provides. There is a close commute to community food services as well as a 24 hour Metro Grocery. It has running water, central air conditioning and heating as well. The tenant in the building also pays for hydro, which is good for the fees i must pay for university as well. Since the rent for this area is only $1450 monthly and i will be living with a roommate so the costs and pressure of living alone will be split. There is also a pool, activity room and good parking available. This is one of the spaces in my life where not all my psychological needs will be met because i will not be spending great amounts of time in the building due to school and jobs that i wish to be involved in by this time. My space will just be a place to crash and will not reflect my personality. Also the factor of having a roommate limits me to a sense of expression. Social needs in this area are very good. I have a very close commute to my dream university, Ryerson. The building has a pool, visitor parking, exercise room, roof top deck with a BBQ, and a theater room. All these amenities are good for a social university student. Another way this apartment meets my needs is by allowing me to live with a roommate. It is not necessary but this way the costs would be split and you would always have a second opinion, though sometimes privacy may be an issue. Aesthetic needs are met in some ways in this stage of life. Depending on the limits to decoration in the building and the decorations my roommate agrees to and feels comfortable with. But this place comes with stainless steel appliances. The space is fairly new and modern as well. Lifestyle needs for this stage include a close commute to schools and a somewhat close drive home. Toronto has both of these, it is very close to Ryerson University as well as the University of Toronto. Toronto is also only a 1 hour drive back to my original house and the place where my family resides. Some special consideration needs that are not met is a large yard and large amounts of storage. Also the noise pollution of Toronto would be disturbing for a university student who formerly lived in the country. Brampton, Ontario Beginning Stage The developing stage physical needs that are met with this choice of home include the space for a couple starting a family with 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms. A garage for storage and and parking space is also good for storing kinds things. The neighbor hood is safe because of neighbor hood watch and is surrounded with walking and biking trails which is perfect for kids growing up. Psychological needs for this space include a good environment for a growing family and kids which is met by the walking and biking trails surrounding the house. The security needs for this stage of life aer a very big factor in buying a home because you want your family to be safe. This home meets those safety needs by being in a close neighbor hood to have neighbors watch over the house. This house is also very cozy seeming and would be perfect for kids as they continue growing up. Social needs that this house would meet for this stage in the family life cycle is the close proximity to schools. The neighborhood is rich with people and children. There is also a pool and the complex is promised to be one of the nicest in the area. The open floor plan in the house would be perfect for entertaining. This home is fairly new and somewhat modern which would please my aesthetic needs in this stage of life. For this stage i aesthetics are not my biggest concerns because with a growing family my furniture and appliances are bound to have some damages and so will my home. Lifestyle needs this home meets are the community amenities that are available. It has a walking and biking trail to entertain the kids and also for me to stay in shape. Also for the kids is a pool to teach them how to swim. Since the city also quite large there will be many job opportunities available for me and my significant other if we are just getting out of school. Special Considerations for this stage in the life cycle that is met is the maintenance. The maintenance is about $285 monthly. This inlcudes water, cable, building insurance and exterior maintenance along with landscaping. Thorndale, Ontario Developing Stage This house meets the physical needs for this stage of the family life cycle because it provides a place with close proximity to nearby grocery stores that would provide the basic needs for my family of growing teens. The place has 3 rooms which allows each member of the family to have their own space. There is also 2 bathrooms which is one of our basic needs. This house has central air conditioning and municipal water. It is a new building which provides a sense of security for the family. There is also an attached garage for storage and parking. This house meets my psychological needs for this stage because the vaulted ceilings in the house are open and inviting which is the kind of environment that i want my home at this stage to have. After the kids are matured my home would be able to reflect my families personality. With the amount of space available in the house there will always be a sense of privacy and security within my home. Social needs in this stage are a very big factor in buying a house because that is one of the biggest concerns for teenagers. This house is very close to the heart of London which has many job and shopping opportunities for everyone in the family. This home is also very close to both a public and secondary school. This house is in a new sub-division very close to London which means a large community with many neighbors. The open floor plan over 2 storeys allows entertaining easy and the separate dining is also a positive for entertaining. Aesthetics in the launching stage is also important and this home meets all of my aesthetic wishes. The home is new and very modern, it has a open floor plan with hardwood, ceramic tile and new carpets. The fireplace is also a positive for this home. The land is under 1 acre large therefore the maintenance would be little and landscaping would be simple. The kitchen also has all new appliances and storage in the kitchen is modern and excessive. Lifestyle needs in this stage include a close proximity to schools, community amenities and this home meets both of those needs. West Nissouri Public School is just across the street and the secondary schools in London are less than 10 minutes away. Assuming both me and my significant other will have jobs along with the possibility that our teens will as well we need as little maintenance as possible because we will always be on the move and this house meets that specific need. Special Considerations that this home meets for this stage in the family life cycle is the shcools, It is very close to the public school. Storage in this house are also very good for teenage kids that will most likely be involved in school sports. The neighborhood is good for jobs as well because London is a very short drive away and a large city such as London would be the destination of my dream job. Embro, Ontario Launching Stage This house in the small town of Embro meets my families needs for this stage of the family life cycle because the house is in the country which provides a lot of space. With the kids moving out and going off to schools extra space for them to visit is good and this house is large enough for that. This home has a heating system, central air and an attached garage for parking and storage. This home meets my psychological needs at this point in my life because the open outdoor space would allow me to be free from stress and clearly separates the work environment from the house. In this house i would be fully able to express myself and create my own space in one of the extra rooms available in the house. The aesthetics in this house do not meet my needs as much as they should but because we will have more spare time without kids the aesthetic part of this house would be a project that we could continue to increase the value of the house as well as meet our personalities. The balance of nature with this property is perfect. The social needs that this home is meeting is the very large space both indoor and outdoor to entertain. The neighborhood may be small but it implies friendly neighbors. The community is also not far from where i grew up and the rest of my family resides. Special Considerations for this life stage would be a a quiet community with close amenities and this home meets both of those. Innerkip, Ontario Aging Stage Spiritual needs are something that are important in this stage of life. If my spouse passes away i would like to be somewhat close to them still. Also family would be something that would need to be close because as the aging stage progresses we will begin to rely more on other people simply because we will not be capable of doing it. Physical needs for this stage in the life cycle include the safety of the people inside. This home provides safety because the neighborhood is close and safe and is within close proximity to community amenities. Aesthetics is not as important in this stage of life because i do not plan to be entertaining. The outdoor living space is one that is very pleasing because of the 3 tier deck and fenced in backyard. In the aging stage social needs must be met and this house is in a quiet neighborhood with close neighbors, which is good for people looking into retirement. Lifestyle needs that this home meets for this stage in the family life cycle include being close to community services such as churches and health clinics. Along with close proximity to neighbors for emergencies. Special Considerations for the aging stage include the layout of the house which is good in this stage of life because the amount of stairs in the house is minimal which allows easy access to all areas of the house. Psychological needs that this house meets for this stage in the family life cycle are a sense of security by being in a close and safe community. Also the open space available in the backyard is a positive for this stage of living because MLS#: 69644
$389, 900 MLS#: C2454233
$ 1,450 monthly MLS#: W2402656
$229, 900 MLS#: 504398
$337,900 MLS#: 70000
$354,900 100 acres of land
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