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The Diamond Political Spectrum

Clarifies ideology vs party; Explores the 4 ideologies contained within the diamond spectrum; liberal, conservative, libertarian, and statist.

Stephanie Cangiano

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of The Diamond Political Spectrum

The Diamond Spectrum Encroachment Two More Ideologies The 4-way Political Spectrum Ideology is not the same as Party an internally consistent set of beliefs about how the political world works and what should be the goals and values of society What are some ways that government encroaches into the social sphere?

What are some ways government encroaches into the economic sphere? Libertarian:

seeks to minimize coercion by the state in both the social and economic spheres of life. Individuals' actions should be voluntary and unrestricted. Individual rights are of primary importance. Government should be limited. Has root in "classical liberalism." Libertarian Populist Conservative Liberal Economic freedom Economic encroachment Social encroachment Social freedom Freedom What are some examples of social freedoms?

What are some examples of economic freedoms? Most liberals are Democrats
Most conservatives are Republicans
But not ALL! an organization that seeks to influence government policy, usually by nominating their own candidates and trying to seat them in public office. Ideology Party VS Where do you fit in? Populist/Statist/Majoritarian:
seeks government intervention in both the social and economic spheres of life. The state is the representative of society (aka the people), should enforce traditional morality or cultural norms. Government should do what is best for the majority of people. Do you not fit neatly into the liberal-conservative dichotomy?
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